​​​​​NICE PCI Compliance Contact Center Recording

Protect your customers, meet payment card security standards

Privacy.​ It's an issue that concerns businesses and their customers. In our digital age, maintaining privacy has become even more complex. Risk can come from a variety of sources, an employee gaining access to customer data or from an outside hacker. Regardless of where the threat comes from, you face the challenging task of protecting your customers and complying with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). The NICE Engage Platform helps you do both.

Protect your customers

The payment card industry developed the PCI DSS requirements to help ensure the safe handling of sensitive information and protect customers against identity theft. To ensure contact center PCI DSS compliance, the NICE Engage Platform provides the following:

  •  ​Certified capabilities - Trustwave (Qualified Security Advisor) has reviewed and acknowledged NICE Engage Platform based on PCI DSS
  • Privacy control - ​advanced profile-based administration, multi-factor authentication, industry standard CHAP authentication and Active Directory single sign-on
  • Multi-tiered security design - creating firewall-segregated access control zones
  • End-to-end multimedia encryption – where data is encrypted at the point of capture and remains encrypted throughout its lifetime
  • Field-proven expertise - with thousands of businesses that rely on NICE for their recording needs, we provide the experience that you can rely on​

Automated privacy control

Part of complying with PCI DSS is not storing certain sensitive customer data. Leaving nothing to human erro​r or opportunity, automatic pause-and-resume recording is made possible by our built in Desktop Triggering CRM integration. In addition, agents can initiate manual pause-and-resume recording, providing another layer of protection.

Advanced Assurance and Flexible Media Retention

PCI DSS requires solutions with embedded mechanisms to prevent and detect violations. With dedicated assurance dashboards and policy management workflows, NICE Compliance center enables users to streamline their compliance activities and take prompt actions on potential breaches.

​Contact us​ ​today to learn how you can get PCI compliant recording and much more with NICE Engage ​Platform.​


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