Expert knowledge powers CX success.
Optimize knowledge for online search
Meet consumers at the start of their search with knowledge they need.
Extend knowledge everywhere
Make answers easy-to-find, anywhere, anytime.
Give agents an edge
Serve up answers to improve agent efficiency and reduce resolution time.
Deliver smart knowledge
Create a single source of truth with validated knowledge that updates everywhere instantly when published.
Supercharge customer self-service with knowledge management.
Deliver fast and accurate answers to customers by surfacing your business knowledge on web, social channels, and mobile apps.
cxone expert
Smart self-service that works
Reach customers wherever they are and deliver answers they need with a single search to enable faster more complete resolutions. See how.
Watch video
NetApp & Expert: Self-Service founded on knowledge, powered by the collective.
Learn how Expert transformed NetApp’s knowledge base into a game-changer, elevating employee and customer satisfaction.
Smart knowledge on tap.
CXone Expert is the industry’s leading, cloud-native, dynamic AI-powered knowledge management platform, delivering lightning-fast accurate answers for customers the first time they search. Expert empowers agents to provide accurate answers quickly eliminating the need for transfers and callbacks.
Knowledge at their fingertips
Improve customer experience and reduce customer effort by surfacing the most relevant content for self-service success.
SEO enhanced knowledge
Content extended across all self-service experiences, including search engines, digital channels, IVAs, and websites.
One source of truth
Unify existing product, service, and knowledge content into one self-service experience.
Enterprise scalability
Expert effortlessly scales, ensuring optimal performance in organizations of any size.
“We are driving people back into our knowledge resources, and they are paying off in spades. Expert is easy to use and easy to implement. It has enabled us to keep our staff and our headcount low, so we can improve our overhead numbers, margins, and profitability while increasing the satisfaction of our partners and customers.”

David Szoke
Senior Manager of Technical Support, Proofpoint
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