Our Commitment to the Community and Environment

NICE is guided by a deep commitment to social contribution, environmental sustainability and corporate citizenship that is ingrained in the company's core values. To learn more about NICE's ESG strategy and performance, click to read our full 2021-2022 ESG Report.

2021-2022 NICE ESG Report

our commitment to the community
How We Conduct Our Business

We are committed to conducting business in an ethical and transparent manner by the promotion and education of honest conduct of our employees, consultants and contractors representing the company. We ensure that our infrastructure, operating cadences, facilities and supply chain are upheld by ethical business practices and strictly managed company-wide policies.

Ethical Conduct

Supplier Conduct

Partner Conduct

Anti-bribery and Corruption

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Impact the Future of Our Planet

We believe that maintaining market leadership cannot preclude our commitment to a cleaner and safer world. A major part of this commitment is compliance with the standards, regulations and requirements concerning the environmental aspects of our operations and products.

Environmental Management


Providing a Safe and Respectful Workplace

At NICE we are dedicated to respecting human rights, ensuring equality and preventing discrimination in the workplace. We devote our time to creating a rich and innovative work environment that encourages diverse perspectives and healthy dialogue around what makes each of us unique. It is our commitment to a safe and healthy work environment for our employees while providing them with efficient resources enabling them to grow professionally and personally.

Human Rights

Diversity and Inclusion

Working @ NICE

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We Rise by Lifting Others

We believe that the strength and leadership of our business and core values should be leveraged for the benefit of our local communities, whether through charitable activities that give back to the communities we live in or by shaping the next generation of young women to lead the way on closing the gender gap in technology and be the future of our industry.

NICE in the community


It's NICE to Contribute

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