NICE Environmental Management

NICE prides itself on being fully committed to minimizing our environmental impact and holds itself accountable for operating with integrity and responsibility in the communities we call home. We comply with the standards, regulations and requirements concerning the environmental aspects of our operations and products. We believe that maintaining market leadership cannot preclude corporate commitment to a cleaner and safer world.

Our Policy

At NICE we have an ongoing commitment to improving our operations in order to help cut energy use, reduce the use of plastic and generation of waste, encourage recycling, and lower our carbon footprint. 

Our goal is to increase the awareness of the need to preserve the environments in which we operate and to minimize any environmental impact from our activities and products.

In coordination with our quality management policy, we are committed to:

  • Complying with ISO14001, applicable environmental legislation, regulations and the majority of customer requirements;
  • Striving towards prevention and continual reduction of any adverse environmental effects from our activities and products;
  • Demonstrating continual improvement of environmental objectives and fostering environmental awareness among NICE personnel and promoting internal communication of this policy.

How Our Policy is Implemented

  • Monitoring of energy use through BMS (Building Management System), in addition to monitoring of energy efficiency on an ad-hock basis through an external auditor;
  • Environmental Training: All New hires are provided environmental training;
  • All Electric and Electronic equipment is disposed of by complying with WEEE Directive in the EU and local directives in all other jurisdictions, in addition to waste management and monitoring in our facilities;
  • The majority of data centers we currently use have reported on using renewable energy and applicable target setting. We have also received an exemption from reporting our electronic waste under Israeli regulation due to minimal amounts of e-waste (below 1 ton).
  • Suppliers are contractually obligated to comply with our Supplier Code of Conduct which includes environmental related commitments. Critical suppliers undergo an initial due diligence questionnaire, annual monitoring and audits.

Although the manufacture of hardware in our products is now minimal, we have adopted responsible End-of-Life policies for the applicable products to ensure ease of dismantling, removal of hazardous materials and our participation in take-back schemes of hardware manufacturers.

Our environmental commitment was recognized, for example, in an award provided to our NICE Pune offices which achieved “Gold certification from IGBC in January 2020 for several initiatives in sustainability at the workplace in regard to our unwavering efforts and commitment.

Caring for our environment with ISO 14001
Restrictions on the Use of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)
Waste Electrical and Electronic Disposal (WEEE)
Tracking Carbon Emission
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