Optimization, that gives you the CX edge.
In a fiercely competitive and ever-changing business landscape, it can be difficult to increase operational efficiency. It takes a multifaceted approach to enhance customer and employee experiences while safeguarding your bottom line.
Accurate Staffing

Avoid under and over-staffing with the industry's most advanced AI-based WFM solution.

Employee Engagement

Cultivate an engaged workforce driven for success with personalized performance management and scheduling flexibility.

Agent Augmentation

Harness cutting-edge automation on every contact with purpose-built AI for CX as your employees' copilot.

Workforce Retention

Keep your talents with fast onboarding, gamification, and personalized coaching processes.

Give options to empower agents.

Accurately schedule and forecast with multiple digital channels and agent work location.

Give your agents control over their schedules without compromising on efficiency. Offer flexible scheduling and accurate forecasting, in a landscape of ever-growing complexity.

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Efficiency and CX, every step of the way.

Enlighten Copilot

AI for employees. Empower agents and supervisors to drive skilled labor, productivity, satisfaction, and engagement more than ever before.

Enlighten AutoSummary

Automate agent notetaking with the power of generative AI to reduce costs, boost productivity and elevate CX.

Performance Management

Meet and exceed your organizational goals while engaging employees through personalized coaching and gamification.

Desktop and Process Analytics

Gain visibility into your agent optimization opportunities and learn the habits of your best-performing agents.

Workforce Management

Empower employees with scheduling flexibility and accurately staff all channels in the most complex environments.

Quality Management

Deliver better customer experiences with streamlined quality assurance processes and actionable, AI-based feedback and coaching.

Dashboard and Reporting

Gain a full operational picture of your contact center, with enhanced visualization of real-time and historical insights.

Enlighten XO (Experience Optimization)

Optimize digital CX by learning from all interactions with AI that mirrors top agents to build smart self-service.

“CXone’s advantage is the ability to handle multiple channels across multiple departments with data accuracy and reporting.”
Josh Jennings
Global Director of Hub Sales Siemens Digital Industries Software
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