Happy agents = happy customers = #winning
Onboarding is just the beginning of employee engagement! It’s how you continue the employee journey that is the most meaningful part of providing a culture in which your top agents and frontline ambassadors can flourish. Their continued motivation and engagement require personalization and thoughtful planning.
Make every agent the best they can be

Artificial Intelligence enhanced training and analytics tools help agents know how they’re doing with transparency and fairness to succeed.

Keep it flexible, keep them happy

Give your agents the flexibility they need to control their schedules and own their best performance.

Happiness is contagious

When your frontline ambassadors thrive, so does your business. Give your agents the environment, culture, accountability, and ownership of their roles to increase customer loyalty and impact top-line revenue.

Increase agent engagement and save money.

Create the ultimate agent experience. See how.

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Boosting Employee Engagement and CX with Gamification

Bring the art and science of measuring and motivating better performance to life, turning the best behaviors into habits and elevating employee engagement.

workforce management

Begin building your frontline ambassadors.

Performance Management and Gamification

Align employee performance, contact center goals, and customer expectations with software that makes continuous improvement fun.

Workforce Engagement Management

Put the most powerful tools at your agents’ fingertips, and unleash their potential to create unforgettable experiences.

AI-powered Copilot for Employees

Promote efficient work with fewer repetitive tasks and faster access to knowledge.

Supervisor Workspace

Guide supervisors to make agile decisions, streamline their workflows and improve team outcomes ,with a dedicated workspace.

Enlighten AutoSummary

Eliminate the manual effort. Let AI summarize the important aspects of every call in 1024 characters or less, including the outcomes.

Omnichannel Agent Desktop

Offer a complete, unified & AI-powered agent experience for fast, personalized customer service.

“When engagement starts to decline, companies become vulnerable not only to a measurable drop in productivity, but also to poorer customer service and greater rates of absenteeism and turnover.”
Towers Watson
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