Eliminate manual notetaking with the power of generative AI.
Realize cost savings
Reduce after call work and average handle time by automating agent summaries.
Improve agent productivity
Help agents focus on the customer, not the tedious notetaking.
Boost CX

Provide better context to the next agent for seamless customer experiences.
Realize immediate value
Integrate seamlessly with any CRM.
Accurate and consistent agent summaries

Enlighten AutoSummary delivers automated, objective, and consistent agent interaction summaries that supercharges productivity, reduces costs, and elevates customer experiences. Harnessing the power of purpose-built generative AI for CX with the support of large language models, automated agent summaries provide key data elements for every interaction with high accuracy. Now every agent can be equipped with the context they need to deliver an overall better experience for your customers.

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Fast notes, instant savings.
Just one minute of time spent on a single summary for millions of interactions can cost you millions and leave the next agent guessing what happened.
Watch demo
Save on costly manual notetaking.
Learn how Enlighten AutoSummary reduces costs, improves productivity, and provides relevant information to the next agent, enabling seamless customer experiences.
knowledge management
Transform scattered notes into clear, concise summaries.
Using generative AI, Enlighten AutoSummary delivers data-driven agent notes that include customer intents, actions, and outcomes in real-time.
Provide contextual data
Ensure the next agent has context to pick up right where the last one left off.
Eliminate manual notetaking
Empower agents to focus on delivering personalized service and not tedious notetaking.
No expertise required
Deliver accurate notetaking with the ease of an out-of-the-box solution, requiring no training of models.
Simplify agent tools
Work seamlessly with any CRM or transcription source.
Adapt to your conversation
Leveraging machine learning, the automated notes dynamically adapt to customer conversations, ensuring consistently high accuracy levels.
Monitor all commitments
Use summary data as part of a comprehensive analytics program to ensure that promised actions and outcomes, such as callbacks, have been scheduled.
“Ensuring agents are satisfied and empowered in their roles is critical to delivering the timely and effortless experience that customers expect. AI users achieve a 5.5x greater YoY increase in employee engagement.”
Aberdeen Research CX Leaders’ Agenda Survey
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