Boost CX and operational performance.
Measure with metrics that matter
Harness customer interaction data analysis at scale for better business decision-making.
Deliver customers service excellence
Drive customer loyalty with personalized, contextual experiences across any channel.
Improve CX

Make it easier for customers to do what they want, when they want, across any digital or speech channel.
Decrease cost to serve
Uncover trends and root causes for improved handle times, reduced repeat contacts, and process improvements.
Make informed decisions.

NICE Interaction Analytics with patented AI technology identifies trends and root causes across 100% of interactions. Whether it’s a voice, text, or digital conversation, NICE Contact Center Interaction Analytics is designed to analyze, measure, and uncover insights to drive improvements to CX. 

Provide the best experience for every customer by understanding who they are, what they need, and how to prepare your agents to deliver exceptional CX. Follow the data to quickly adapt business processes and effectively coach agents. Make next-gen insights easy with analytics everywhere. 

Fast and accurate insights.
Transform your contact center with Interaction Analytics.
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Compete more effectively.
Learn how Interaction Analytics helped one bank dramatically improve sales and customer retention.
Uncover valuable insights on customer behavior, intent, and effort.
NICE Interaction Analytics powers informed and measured organizational success with patented AI technology that surfaces historical and real-time insights immediately across 100% of speech and digital contact center interactions.
Analyze customer sentiment

Improve customer satisfaction with AI sentiment analytics that surfaces pain points related to process issues, product defects, agent training issues, and more.

Identify churn risk

Drive customer loyalty and reduce churn by accurately identifying dissatisfied customers based on their sentiment, frustration detection and the topics of discussion to proactively resolve issues.

Uncover root causes

Uncover trends and root causes for improved handle times, reduced repeat contacts, and process improvements such as self-service options and First Contact Resolution (FCR) metrics across all channels.

Discover what you didn’t know

AutoDiscovery surfaces critical insights across all customer interactions and focuses decisions where they are needed most.

Leverage breakthrough technology
Use a single repository to sort, search, analyze and cross-reference multi-channel data from all digital and audio channels.
Get immediate insights
Data analyst or not, get started easily using hundreds of pre-built analytic categories and business intelligence dashboards and reports.
“Because of the analytics and measurements we have with NICE, we've noticed considerable improvements. We're close to 70 percent first-contact resolution and our customer satisfaction is over 98 percent across our contact centers.”
Senior Vice President of Global Operations and CIO Alphanumeric Systems
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