Build lasting relationships.
Use AI and analytics to act on structured and unstructured data from 100% of interactions, customer surveys, and operational data to increase customer loyalty and lifetime value. Examine interactions across channels, identify how to improve CSAT and NPS, and take meaningful action.
Keep pace with customer expectations
Deliver exceptional CX for every customer by understanding who they are and predicting what they need.
Make self-service effortless
Identify and eliminate self-service bottlenecks, high-volume channel switching, and low customer sentiment.
Build seamless customer journeys
Optimize your customers’ journeys by meeting them at their digital entry point and guiding them across any channel they choose.
Close the loop on customer issues
Orchestrate follow up with real-time alerts to retain customers and reduce call backs.
Closed loop action.
Keep your customers happy, prevent churn, and increase agent engagement by acting on feedback.
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Get the whole CX story
Break down data siloes, deliver extraordinary experiences, and transform digital-first omnichannel CX by leveraging holistic VOC insights.
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Loyalty-building solutions

Feedback Management
Retain your best customers with actionable insights to connect proactively and close the loop in the channel of their choice.
Interaction Analytics
AI-powered omnichannel analytics identify trends and root causes across 100% of interactions to drive CX improvements.
Enlighten XO
Optimize digital CX by learning from all interactions with AI that mirrors top agents to build smart self-service.
Enlighten AI for Customer Satisfaction
Uncover objective insights on agent soft-skill behaviors that influence customer sentiment on every interaction.
"Contact centers with VOC programs enjoy 95% greater growth in their annual revenue."
Aberdeen Strategy & Research Study: The ROI of VOC: Create Happy Customers, Drive Efficiency & Improve Financial Results
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Listen to your customers to earn their trust and improve loyalty

Your understanding of customer experience (CX) will be skewed and incomplete without a holistic view of customer needs and behaviors that includes direct, indirect, and operational feedback throughout the customer journey.

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Connecting the dots across customer touchpoints provides a holistic view of CX—and the moments that matter. This eBook explains how a mature Voice of the Customer (VOC) program can help you uncover blind spots across customer journeys and take the right actions to increase CSAT and customer loyalty.

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