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Redefining Success - The Impact of Soft Skills and AI on Contact Center Performance


CX leaders need hard data that shows the connection between capable, empathic agents and a stellar customer experience in order to make a strong business case for AI in the contact center. Our survey report of 400 contact center leaders in the UK and the United States gives you the statistics you need to demonstrate the essential role of soft skills in boosting customer satisfaction.

In today’s competitive economy, exceptional customer experiences propel companies ahead. And to provide outstanding customer service, companies must understand and develop the soft skills of their contact center agents. Why? Because when agents show soft skills like empathy, effective communication, and problem-solving, customers feel valued and are more likely to stay loyal to the brand. But measuring soft skills is tricky, and many businesses avoid it altogether. By using AI, soft skill assessments can be objective and comprehensive—giving contact center leaders insights to coach agents effectively.

Read the survey results to these critical questions:

  • Selection methods of interactions for evaluation
  • Agent assessment and coaching metrics in use
  • Top challenges of effective quality management
  • Impact of agents’ soft skills on overall customer satisfaction