Proactively protect your organization.
Identify and act on risk
Uncover and remediate consumer complaints before they impact your business.
Mitigate potential regulatory fines
Easily report on your compliance status to regulators.
Boost efficiencies and CX
Identify product or process issues that lead to complaints.
Automate complaint management
with AI.
Consumer complaints have high stakes for companies, particularly those in regulated industries such as financial services. Regulators rely on complaints to gauge how well an organization is fulfilling its obligation to customers. For organizations, the risk extends well beyond regulatory compliance and fines, it also includes potential reputational damage resulting from any negative publicity. An automated complaint management program powered by artificial intelligence will mitigate these risks.
complaints sentiments dashboard
Understanding customers has never been simpler.
Automate the protection of your business from potential regulatory costs and reputational harm with Enlighten AI for Complaint Management.
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Turn complaints into customer success with Enlighten AI.
Enlighten AI for Complaint Management helps organizations save millions of dollars in regulatory fines, improve efficiencies, and increase customer satisfaction. Enlighten AI analysis is operationalized as part of a comprehensive analytics program, providing organizations with the ability to turn customer complaints into an opportunity to strengthen CX.
knowledge management
Never miss a single complaint again.
Harnessing the power of the industry’s largest interaction dataset along with 20 years of industry experience, Enlighten AI’s purpose-built complaint models deliver an accurate and consistent analysis of all interactions.
Identify and classify complaints
Accurately classify the complaint type including multiple tiers of categorization and determines the root cause to prevent future complaints.
Automate a closed-loop process
Streamline your complaint management program with a complete solution that identifies and classifies every interaction that contains a complaint and automates a closed-loop remediation and reporting process.
Track progress with a built-in audit trail
Improve the ability to demonstrate a comprehensive complaint management program for regulatory bodies with built-in complaint management audit trail documents and complaint resolution tracking.
Analyze root causes
Identify the root cause of every single non-compliant interaction and automatically assign them for review using a remediation workflow.
“Automated remediation workflows and regulatory reporting remove the chaos from complaint management.”
Analyst Leader
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