Complete, objective analysis of customer vulnerability.
Empower employees
Provide front-line staff the visibility and guidance needed to effectively respond to a range of types of vulnerability.
Save millions in potential fines
Easily report on your compliance status to the FCA.
Understanding customers has never been easier
Analyze every interaction and take proactive steps to help consumers that most need it most.
Identify vulnerable customers with accuracy.
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Deliver exceptional service in a time of need.

The FCA defines a vulnerable customer as anyone who is susceptible to harm due to personal circumstances.

Contact centers rely on their agents to identify vulnerable customers, but most consumers are unwilling to admit or are unaware that they are vulnerable.

Using Enlighten AI, it is now possible to objectively and accurately identify these customers on every voice and digital interaction, right out-of-the-box. Pre-built compliance and agent AI behavior models that are derived from large interaction data sets make it easy to ensure FCA compliance.

Achieve FCA compliance.
Score and classify every interaction based on the FCA drivers of vulnerability.
Upskill front-line employees
Automate quality and performance metrics and deliver targeted coaching.
AI powered insights
Identify behavioral patterns that are inaccessible to humans, enabling more accurate analysis.
Respond in real-time
Provide front-line staff with guidance to manage the conversation.
See the whole picture
Gain a holistic view of customer vulnerability on every interaction.
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Enlighten AI for Vulnerable Customers

Identify and respond to consumers susceptible to harm according to the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).