Build smart self-service, fast.
Start with data, not a workshop

Take the guesswork out of self-service development with conversational data from voice and text interactions.

Automate effective resolution faster

Prioritize the most impactful opportunities and develop new self-service capabilities.

Increase self-service success

Gain valuable insights into customers’ evolving needs and take a data-driven approach to power digital CX.

Eliminate guesswork.

Powered by purpose-built AI for CX, Enlighten XO combines the largest dataset of historical conversational data with businesses’ voice and text interactions to prioritize top automation opportunities by ROI and eliminate guesswork. Data-driven self-service identifies and understands customer intents and utterances, and mirrors top-performing agents to build effective tasks and workflows across all channels.

Enlighten XO
Accelerate digital CX.

Meet digital customers’ expectations – streamline resolution, reduce friction, and improve CX.

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Transform your digital CX.

Optimize digital experiences with CX insights from conversational data and reflect workflows of your top-performing agents for seamless self-service.

Identify automation opportunities and streamline work.

Realize fast results with in-depth CX insights from purpose-built AI. Optimize agent tasks, increase digital resolutions, reduce customer effort, and decrease costs by building bots that reflect top agent workflows.
Inject intelligence to make ANY bot smart, whether it’s NICE’s, or your own.
Leverage customer language

Uncover training phrases based on real-life language for specific insights into each customer’s needs to accelerate self-service time-to-value.

Optimize agent tasks

Train your bots to resolve intents the same way as your best agents so you resolve more interactions in self-service.

Data-driven self-service

Eliminate guesswork and turn to data for truly intelligent virtual agents that reduce customer effort.

“Simply put, our self-service needed to get better, and Enlighten XO got us on the path to success.”
Senior Director of Digital Services
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