Agent assistance made easy.
Better AX = better CX
Help your agents be at their best by automatically providing guidance, helpful content and next best actions.
Improve soft-skills
Monitor and guide every agent all the time in real-time.
Automate the mundane
Use biometrics to ensure your contacts are who they say to make your agents’ lives easier.
Integrate with ease
Use the low code Agent Assist Hub for quick and easy integrations.
Help every agent, all the time.
CXone Agent Assist Hub simplifies implementing agent assist tools to help your agents perform at their best. Provide the knowledge and guidance agents need to resolve even the most complex cases. Monitor and provide guidance to improve hard to train soft-skills, like empathy and active listening. Use a low-code interface that streamlines implementing and managing native and third-party agent assist tools.
Agent Assist Hub
Dial performance up a notch.
With real-time guidance, agents have the power to create their own success.
Watch demo
Using real-time interaction guidance for customer service excellence
Learn how Real-Time Interaction Guidance bridges the gap between naturally skilled agents and ones who might benefit from additional assistance to improve their performance and provide a better CX.
knowledge management

Turn agents into CX Superheroes

Knowledge galore
Use AI to understand interaction context, determine intent then help the agent with knowledge and next-best action.
Help agents help themselves
Monitor every interaction, provide feedback to agent and their supervisor in real-time.
Automate repetitive tasks
Use biometrics to identify customers and AI-powered speech-to-text to automate transcription.
No more coding headaches!
A simple and intuitive low code/no code interface that helps you easily integrate agent tools.
“Sentiment and Agent Behavior metrics have made calibration sessions completely unnecessary. Now, we are focused exclusively on developing our coaches and coaching our agents, rather than arguing about the data.”
Customer Experience Manager
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