Top front-office performance

Give supervisors and agents full transparency into performance metrics.


Create performance coaching packages highly personalized to agent needs.


Share personalized games encouraging agent engagement, improvement and teamwork.

NICE Front Office eBook

Learn how you can leverage NICE Performance Management to gain visibility into agent activity and enhance performance with coaching and gamification.

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The impact of Gen AI on Performance Analytics

Enhance efficiency, engage agents, and elevate customer experience with advanced technologies.

business consulting
Inspire performance
Spot trends, inspire performance, and empower employees to succeed, with coaching and gamification. 
Manage remote teams
Proactively, accurately and effectively manage your teams, no matter where they are, from wherever you are. 
Enhance work quality
Ensure efficiency and effectiveness in your front office with targeted insights. 
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10 things to remember about NICE CXone Performance Management

CXone Performance Management inspires your employees to become more accountable for their own performance and to align closer with your organizational goals. It gives agents and supervisors the insights they need to improve key performance indicators (KPIs). This, in turn, can elevate your customer experience (CX) by uniting your organization behind transparent CX goals.

White Papers

Elevate the employee experience

Even in an economic downturn, NICE helps you prepare for the future, while cutting costs and operational inefficiencies.


Mastering CXone Performance Management

Managing your agents’ performance can feel like a struggle, but with NICE CXone Performance Management you could be unlocking the secrets to help maximize your contact center’s performance

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