Unlock workforce potential.
Anticipate business demands and optimize your workforce with the industry’s most intelligent and accurate omnichannel forecasting engine. Patented AI and machine learning technology harness the power of your organization’s greatest asset – your people.
Accurately hit SLAs using AI
Enhance WFM accuracy with AI-patented forecast technology and machine learning-generated schedules.
Engage your employees
Improve it all - from schedule adherence to employee satisfaction - with agility and accountability.
Automate to reduce tasks
Minimize WFM administrative and maintenance overheads and make staffing changes in a flash.
Prepare your workforce
Digital channels require different behaviors and measures. Make sure you plan and staff accordingly!
AI in workforce management.
Artificial Intelligence is enjoying a resurgence in the news and marketing arenas. Its utility and promises, however, are nothing new for NICE, which, for years, has continuously invested in AI and machine learning. See how NICE WFM software uses AI forecasting and machine learning scheduling.
Built-in simplicity.
Artificial intelligence, automated workflows, and an intuitive interface make agents’ and supervisors’ lives easier.
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“NICE saves us money - overtime hours are more precise and better directed toward when the business actually needs them.”
Matt Howard
Business Systems Analyst Fiserv
Workforce management software, with the power of AI.
With NICE WFM, the machine takes on the herculean tasks of learning the uniqueness of each environment and applying intelligence that exceeds the human capacity to process. In doing so, it frees humans to focus on those activities and thought processes that require a human touch.
Intelligent forecasting
AI technology selects from 40+ patented algorithms to produce the most accurate forecasts and schedules across all channels.
Self-service scheduling
Boost engagement and flexibility with automated approval for shift bidding, time off, trade requests, and more.
Mobile scheduling

Improve agent visibility, flexibility, and accountability with a mobile app for scheduling, performance views, and notifications.

Precise long-term planning

Make sure you’re appropriately staffed today and into the future, with proactive modeling of complex workforce scenarios.

Tailored implementation

Our expertise is your success, with value-realizing transformation services focused on your specific business.

Streamlined processes

Free up manager time for coaching and planning with automated workflows, intraday reforecasting, and unified BI reports.

Real stories of Workforce Management with NICE solutions
Case Studies

EE Expands Workforce Flexibility and Engagement with NICE Workforce Management

Telecommunications provider EE and its sister organizations BT and Plusnet consolidated workforce management solutions into a single NICE Workforce Management instance to improve flexibility and enhance employee engagement. The new solution provides greater schedule flexibility and improved efficiency for 17,000 agents across 37 contact center locations.

Case Studies

Growing With Gusto: Rapid Path to Business Outcomes

Gusto’s collaborative work style needed a workforce management solution that would provide structure yet maintain flexibility.

Case Studies

Growing Workforce Management (WFM) and Increasing Operational Rigour

Belong, an Australian communications company, leveraged NICE expertise to grow its workforce management proficiency. With NICE’s assistance, Belong is correctly mapping and categorizing calls from its ACD and to NICE Workforce Management.

The experts have spoken.

NICE is recognized as a market leader in workforce management by DMG Consulting, for the 10th consecutive year.

DMG provides primary research that guides critical decisions made by businesses in the dynamic and rapidly transforming contact center market.

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Organizations today handle interactions and transactions across a wider variety of communication channels than ever before. Adoption of digital channels, from email and chat to SMS and social media channels, has skyrocketed over the last year, placing new demands on support, service and sales teams.

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The Ultimate Purpose of WFM

Workforce management is a critical component of any contact center operation.

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WFM in a Digital World: Rethinking Scheduling and KPIs

Frost & Sullivan recently moderated a discussion among several industry leaders to better understand the challenges and opportunities around workforce management (WFM) in the digital world.

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