Transcend the limits.
The most advanced AI-based workforce management tool available, NICE WFM uncovers hidden patterns, makes accurate forecasts, and identifies the best forecasting model across all channels.
Business accuracy
Improve WFM accuracy by using AI to make forecasts and machine learning to generate schedules.
Agent agility

Engage employees and meet their work-life balance needs with dynamic adjustments to schedules.
Encompass growth
Move to the cloud to expand reach and align with business strategies.
Manage digital channels
Integrate new digital channels and asynchronous contacts to more accurately optimize workforce management.
Leave it all to us!
You’re busy enough. Let us manage your workforce. From forecasting volume and scheduling, to reducing idle time and boosting efficiency, our workforce management helps you plan and staff across all your digital channels.
NICE WFM: Ready for anything.
Efficiently meet KPIs, drive agent engagement, and adopt new solutions that empower teams to work more effectively.
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A smooth path to growth.
The City of Fort Worth saved substantial agent and supervisor time and improved scheduling processes, particularly for bilingual access and policy transparency.
professional services
Complete workforce management for contact centers.
Transform planning, forecasting, scheduling, and intraday management to optimize your workforce management.
Pinpoint long-term staffing needs with reverse-solve for projected performance.
Accurately align staffing with customer demand with best pick AI, leveraging more than 45 algorithms for greater precision.
Support work-life balance with Machine Learning (ML) simulation that enables efficient scheduling.
Publish accurate schedules and track adherence with powerful re-forecasting and re-simulation for net staffing.
Enable employee flexibility and agility with intelligent automation and self-scheduling.
“With NICE WFM, we see in one location what all our agents are doing, so we’re able to make the right decision for every customer, every time.”
RG Conlee
Chief Innovation Officer Conduent
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Hope is Not a Strategy

This eBook covers how AI simulators are helping contact centers take the guesswork out of multi-channel staffing models. NICE WFM enables customers with multiple digital channels to test an unlimited number of "what-if" scenarios using our advanced simulator.

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KPN drives operational efficiency and transforms digital journey with WFM and EEM

A leading supplier of telecommunications and IT in the Netherlands, KPN is committed to creating secure, reliable, and future-proof networks and services to connect people and devices anytime, anywhere

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Solving the top concerns of today's contact center

Contact center leaders today face a host of challenges as they try to balance the mandate to operate efficiently with that of providing a consistently high level of customer service. Eight key challenges – service objectives, multi-skills, adherence, occupancy, absenteeism, employee engagement, omni-channel and attrition – pose a not-insignificant challenge in the constantly changing contact center environment. On their own, each is a complex issue; together, however, interdependencies magnify the challenge, and traditional workforce management (WFM) can solve only part of it.

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