Total performance excellence.

When your back office reaches maximum efficiency, amazing things happen. Data is integrated from employee desktops, forecasts are accurate, and engaged employees perform their roles exceptionally well.

NICE Back Office Performance provides the tools needed to ensure that your workforce - teams and individuals - operates smoothly, effectively and securely. With a back-office solution cultivating employee success, they will be more engaged, and your organization will deliver uncompromisingly superior services.

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With NICE CXone for Back Office, you can streamline all processes by efficiently managing them and your team in one place. See how.

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Cultivate employee success—at scale.
Gain visibility

Measure, track and assess employee performance across every Back Office workflow.

Challenge to improve

Understand each employee’s context, skills and knowhow, and assign games that promote success.

Enhance productivity

Design a roadmap to success, with greater transparency, actionable insights, and tailored guidance.

Manage back-office performance

Gain visibility into back-office productivity and proficiency, empowering employees, supervisors, and managers to improve performance.

business intelligence
Manage back-office staff

Manage your team in challenging or hybrid environments, improve adherence and meet back-office demand.

Employees having conversation
Gain deeper insights

Greater visibility empowers and inspires employees, teams and managers to achieve their potential.

Team brainstorming
Crafting Tomorrow's Back Office

Leverage digital tools and employee empowerment to boost agility and customer-centricity.

woman on mobile
Discover work behaviors and processes, in any work environment with CXone Desktop Discovery

Leverage AI-powered insights to identify productivity gaps, uncover process improvement opportunities, close execution gaps, and continually improve operations with CXone Desktop Discovery.

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Boost employee performance

Get the tools you need to ensure that your workforce is operating smoothly, effectively and securely. With a back-office solution that engages and motivates your employees, your organization will deliver uncompromisingly superior services.
Back-office essentials

Understand exactly who’s working, who’s not, and why, so you can drive employee productivity and increase workflow efficiency.

Better together

Turn improvement into a group effort by aligning performance goals across the organization and sharing accountability for results.

Process handle times

Establish standards for back-office process handling times and required rework, and drive more accurate forecasting.

Single source of truth

Access all relevant contact center performance data in one view, with metrics aggregated from all relevant data sources.

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