NICE Real-Time Interaction Guidance


Most contact center agents receive feedback on their performance after an interaction has already happened – when it’s too late to impact the customer experience. And over-the-shoulder coaching of individual agents does little to move the needle on overall customer experience measures, like CSAT or NPS.

What agents need is guidance in the moment that empowers them to make every customer experience the best customer experience possible. That’s what NICE Real-Time Interaction Guidance does, using phrases spoken or omitted, customer sentiment metrics and Enlighten AI-driven soft-skill behaviors.. Drive customer satisfaction with real-time AI on every call by advising agents at point-of-service on critical behaviors scientifically proven to boost customer satisfaction.


Digital customer service

CXone Digital Customer Service enables contact centers to provide a superior customer experience across all digital channels today's customers want to use.


NICE CXone for Microsoft Teams

Learn how our pre-built unified communications and contact center integration for Microsoft Teams powers company-wide collaboration for faster service.