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CXone Performance Management Application Analytics

Boosting efficiency in an economic downturn with CXone Performance Management Application Analytics

In today’s competitive business landscape, delivering exceptional customer experiences is paramount. To reach that goal most efficiently, especially during an economic downturn, organizations must optimize decision-making, enhance employee productivity, and streamline workflows. This is relevant for the front office, of course, but also for the back-office teams, whose productiveness and efficiency provide the backbone of any organization.

Highly dynamic work environments, with built-in continuous change and an accelerated transition to remote and hybrid workforces, are posing multi-dimensional challenges for employees, managers and organizations alike: 

  • Contact center agents are significantly less able to seek guidance from peers and managers, while the demands of their role have increased. They need to be experts in legacy desktop applications and web-based services, access and duplicate information in separate databases, and handle live interactions in an omnichannel industry. As a result, getting approvals, processing requests and generally supporting customers seem to have become more time-consuming and challenging tasks.
  • Managers are expected to learn how to manage mixed teams of hybrid and remote workers, which includes understanding their productivity gaps, bottlenecks, execution gaps and best practices; yet, there is currently generally less visibility into day-to-day employee activities.
  • Quality customer experience is dependent on understanding precisely how an organization's business processes are carried out, in order to optimize them for effectiveness and efficiency. With each desktop user interacting with applications and systems via thousands of small actions each day, comprehensive in-depth visibility requires much more than standard data mining of application event logs.

CXone PM Application Analytics, powered by CXone Desktop Data Collection, provides supervisors and agents in any location clear visibility into their performance metrics and valuable data-driven insights that help drive both customer satisfaction and revenue growth. The solution rapidly uncovers opportunities for process optimization and empowers employees to meet their key performance indicator (KPI) goals, while also ensuring compliance with company guidelines and industry regulations.

Let’s explore the capabilities of CXone PM Application Analytics and see how it helps organizations navigate current market challenges.

First steps

The first step is understanding in depth what employees are doing on a daily basis. The CXone Desktop Data Collection engine captures every action, keystroke, cursor movement and system event on a user’s desktop. This wealth of data is processed by a robust analytics engine and can be aggregated at the application level, enabling granular insights into individual and team performance.

Application Analytics dashboards offer supervisors a comprehensive view of employee desktop activities and system events, organizing and presenting the data in clear, configurable displays. Productivity can be measured by month, workday average or other previously configured categories, giving supervisors a holistic understanding of their team’s efficiency. The dashboards also make it easy to evaluate application usage, identify improvement opportunities, track performance metrics, and uncover productivity root causes.

For employees, Application Analytics is an empowering self-analysis tool. Through the user-friendly CXone PM interface, agents can access their own performance metrics, view application usage patterns, and identify areas for improvement. This autonomy fosters a sense of ownership, enabling agents to proactively adjust workflows and seek additional coaching when needed. It also encourages trust by providing employees transparency and consistency regarding supervisor evaluations and expectations.

How to do more with less

During economic downturns, organizations face pressure to do more with less and data-driven decision-making is even more critical than usual. CXone PM Application Analytics becomes a vital tool for optimizing resources and improving operational efficiency in both the front and back offices, which translates into measurable, sustainable cost savings.

Supervisors can leverage Application Analytics insights to identify and eliminate bottlenecks or inefficiencies in workflows. By streamlining processes and optimizing desktop setups based on application usage data, agent productivity is increased and operational output can be maximized.

Additionally, the analysis of agent desktop activities uncovers knowledge gaps, providing opportunities for targeted coaching and training interventions that lead to agents hitting their KPIs more consistently. This keeps both employees and customers happy, which in turn increases retention and saves time and money on preventing churn.

Performance management software enhanced with application analytics solutions revolutionizes how organizations manage their employees, with clear visibility and actionable insights that increase productivity, boost efficiency, and drive customer satisfaction. With CXone PM Application Analytics, organizations can confidently leverage real-time insights to survive and thrive in an ever-evolving business environment – even (and especially) when times are tight.