AI for every CX need
Enlighten AI for CX solutions have your operations, your agents, and your customers covered across the end-to-end customer journey—from optimizing self-service and matching the best agents to callers, to automating notetaking and identifying and acting on sentiment trends—you’ll optimize operations, improve agent engagement, and increase customer satisfaction.
Enlighten Autopilot
Elevate self-service experiences with an AI-powered virtual agent that guides customers. Guarantee accurate answers with trusted company knowledge and natural language chat.
Enlighten Copilot
Empower agents and supervisors with a powerful contact center AI copilot to drive greater focus, productivity, and engagement than ever before.
Enlighten Actions
Unlock complex data with generative AI for CX leaders. Take data-driven action with conversational questions and answers, without hunting down an analyst or report
Enlighten AutoSummary
Automate agent notetaking with the power of generative AI to summarize every interaction—reducing manual effort, boosting productivity and elevating CX.
Enlighten AI Routing
Match every customer with their perfect agent. Predict the best pairing with industry-leading AI and holistic CX data to boost customer experiences and KPIs.
Enlighten AI for Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)
Uncover objective insights on agent soft-skill behaviors that influence customer sentiment on every interaction.
Enlighten AI for Complaint Management

Protect your organization from reputational, financial, and compliance risks with a complete AI-based complaint management solution.

Enlighten AI for Sales Effectiveness
Increase conversion rates, grow revenue, and empower teams with real-time, objective analysis into the critical sales skills that drive revenue across every interaction.
Experience Optimization (Enlighten XO)
Use AI to build smart self-service across channels, learn from top agents, and deliver great experiences faster than ever.
Enlighten AI for Vulnerable Customers
Ensure regulatory compliance and embed the fair treatment of customers into your business processes.
Enlighten AI means smarter CX.

Proven and purpose-built, Enlighten AI is embedded across the platform to easily operationalize and deliver immediate impact – from smarter routing and sentiment analysis, to automated agent notetaking and analytics that pinpoint the best automation opportunities using the power of generative AI.

2024 Marketecture
“Enlighten can tell me where to focus. We improved our customer satisfaction by 13% in 60 days across 1,000 agents. It is truly amazing what data and Enlighten AI can do to achieve those results.”
VP Operations Solera
The trusted AI for business.
Revolutionize your customer experience with Enlighten, the trusted AI for business. Unleash the power of AI to create extraordinary engagements.
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Accurate automated summaries.
Reduce costs and deliver contextually relevant agent summaries with the power of purpose-built generative AI for CX for every interaction.
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