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Learning @NICE

Our employees are our greatest asset, driving the innovation that is the hallmark of NICE’s solutions. As a result, we place great importance on the development and growth of our employees, with comprehensive programs that nurture the employee’s learning, education and career path at NICE.

We have a shared responsibility approach to learning and career development: (1) Our employees are proactive, building on their strengths and skills, and following through on internal opportunities to develop themselves (2) Our managers raise the bar, enabling employees to aim higher while aligning their development with the team goals and providing coaching and a supportive environment, and (3) Our organization drives the culture that encourages employee development and provides the right infrastructure to thrive. Periodic meetings are held to discuss career development steps and actions, specifically to understand the employee’s drivers, needs and aspirations and to work together to craft development plans.

NICE offers a comprehensive range of learning opportunities to all employees worldwide. Online learning platforms coupled with prestigious external certifications enable the employee to advance their professional development, from any place, and at any time. Moreover, employees participate regularly in conferences, extension courses, webinars, practical technical training, leadership workshops and more. These company-wide efforts are complemented by a diverse range of specialized learning programs and advanced technology platforms, coordinated by our business units.

An annual career development event, hosted by a different site each year, is a focal point of the learning strategy. All employees are invited to participate in dozens of sessions delivered by prominent speakers and NICE’s business leaders and tech-gurus. During this weeklong event, they upskill technical proficiencies, learn new business skills and best practices, and explore broad career opportunities.  

We see our managers and leaders as the engine that propels our organization forward. They are critical to achieving our goals and driving success. For that reason, we invest heavily in our managers and leaders, offering dedicated learning and development initiatives targeted at both new and seasoned managers. Furthermore, senior executives enjoy virtual Ivy League programs, significantly enriching their individual skills while contributing to the advancement of the company’s business strategy and product road map.

NICE also strongly encourages internal mobility: moving to a new role or being promoted, relocating to new roles in different countries, taking leadership roles and even transitioning to a new discipline. The options are endless.

Employee Engagement Surveys

NICE undertakes regular employee engagement surveys which allow all employees to provide confidential feedback on their satisfaction with a broad range of topics including employee engagement, career management, employee experience, strategy and execution, leadership and more. The surveys are managed by a top-notch external company that specializes in employee engagement surveys.

The results are analyzed across multiple dimensions, including business units and roles, in order to understand developments and trends. They provide the Management with insights on our strengths and what our employees value, as well as highlighting areas that require further development and investment. The insights, trends and opportunities are also analyzed on a divisional level, to allow more focused and detailed action plans for improvement.

Employee Benefits

We care about our employees’ health and wellbeing and accordingly we offer a wide range of benefits, including comprehensive insurance plans and pension schemes, and free / subsidized private health insurance for employees as well as discounted insurance for employees’ family members.

NICE also provides additional benefits related to medical issues including breast cancer screening at our main sites on an annual basis.

Furthermore, NICE cares about employees’ day-to-day experience. We offer flexible working hours for employees worldwide recognizing the diverse situations and needs of our employees, and encouraging them to spend quality time with their family or enjoy hobbies.

We celebrate global and local holidays, and within this framework, employees enjoy various non-salary benefits. NICE places great importance on family life, and a number of the annual events are targeted at NICE employees and their families.

We also hold exciting global competitions and award schemes with noteworthy prizes for our employees.

Health and Safety

NICE is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for our employees. We have adopted and implemented high standard policies and procedures for maintaining our employees’ well-being and safety while they are at work, including through the appointment of representatives responsible for managing the execution of such policies and procedures. In order to minimize safety risks, we require our employees, in addition to contractors which provide services on NICE premises, to familiarize themselves with these policies and procedures by completing a periodical online tutorial.

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