The gender gap in technology is real. Despite making up nearly half the population, women are seriously under-represented in high-tech companies, and particularly in engineering roles. NICE is taking action and leading the way by narrowing the gender gap in technology.

Code:Coda is a unique program designed to encourage girls aged 13-14 years old to see the incredible possibilities available to them through coding and technology. The timing of the program is critical, Code:Coda provides the young girls with a positive experience with technology just before they choose their high school learning track. The idea is to impact their career path before they have even started to seriously consider their career!

The girls attend weekly sessions and unique hackathons throughout their mid-school academic year at a specially designed facility at NICE. The program is led and mentored by our own brightest female engineers, proving to these young girls that they, too, can pursue a future in the technology world and break traditional glass ceilings.

The program is approved by the Israeli Ministry of Education and involves the girls' parents and teachers in order to maximize the impact on the broader community and to reinforce the messages and values of the program.