Diversity @ NICE

NICE focuses on recruiting top talent globally, placing an emphasis on hiring the best without any prejudice. The recruitment process itself concentrates on the person behind the skills and capabilities, ensuring that candidates from all sectors of society, including minority groups, have a fair and equal chance at being employed at NICE.

We provide an inclusive workspace, a safe environment for women and men of different religions, nationalities, and gender orientations. We celebrate these differences throughout the year, joining each other in marking festivals and holidays such as Chinese New Year, Diwali, Thanksgiving, Pioneer Day, Jewish New Year, International Women’s Day, Pride Day and more.

NICE boasts great diversity, with offices across the world, and substantial representation from many different population sectors and groups globally. We encourage our employees to bring their individual identities to the table and to work in teams that foster inter-cultural communication and ultimately, innovation.

The age range of our employees is particularly wide, from Gen Z-students and interns who are in their tertiary studies through to those who have already passed retirement age and have chosen to continue working at NICE. People of different ages work together in tight-knit teams, each bringing their perspective and enabling the healthy exchange of ideas and opinions.

Within our efforts to decrease the gender gap in technology, our best and brightest female engineers are leading an initiative to inspire and mentor young girls and drive them into technology careers. We empower young girls with coding skills, in the hope of increasing female representation in the technology space, where women are under-represented today. Indeed, by encouraging more girls to pursue science and technology studies, we can contribute to laying the foundations for greater gender equality.

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