Cloud-native Voice, at your Service.
Local presence, global reach
Connect to your customers wherever they are with routing to 200+ countries, self-defined outbound caller ID, call branding and elastic call queuing.
Streamline your operations
NICE brings all voice and data services together with your contact center platform, reducing costs along the way.
Crystal clear voice quality
Take control of your voice quality. Eliminate dropped calls, decrease handle times and increase CX.
Focus on what matters
Harmonize software, infrastructure and telephony in a single solution for high quality agent and customer experiences.
Numbers don’t lie
We offer a money-back guaranteed SLA for Mean Opinion Scores above 3.9. And you can check those scores anytime you want, meaning you’ll always know where you stand.
Connect with your customers.

With NICE CXone Voice as a Service (VaaS), you have a true all-in-one cloud connectivity provider that gives you control and transparency beyond what any carrier offers today. We are the only CCaaS provider with a money back guarantee based on a Mean Opinion Score (MOS) of 3.9 or above.

Create superior omnichannel customer experiences with our ability to provide back-end elasticity for guaranteed service during peak volume, our integrated, AI-boosted IVR, and our outbound call branding and self-defined caller-id to ensure customers answer the first time.

Voice as a Service (VaaS)
ClearChoice Pulls Customers Close with CXone
A leader in dental implants, ClearChoice selected NICE CXone for its flexibility and elasticity. Read more to see how they streamlined their service and pulled third party calls in-house.
business direction
Superior Voice Quality, Unbeatable Savings

Voice as a Service (VaaS) delivers high-quality cloud voice and data services that connect your agents and customers wherever they are. With CXone, you save money with a low latency, optimized, least-cost routing mix on a global scale. All backed by a guaranteed money-back SLA based on Mean Opinion Score of 3.9.

The result: you save time and money, and your customers hear you better.

Clear Connections, Guaranteed Quality
Active monitoring includes methods such as MOS/PESQ/PEAQ, with guarantee of Mean Opinion Scores (MOS) of 3.9 with an average of 4.2.
Automated Provisioning and Number Porting
Focus on strategic, revenue-generating initiatives. Our single vendor approach automates porting and provisioning for you.
Voice Quality Metrics
Full visibility into agent voice quality issues such as ISP, location, round-trip time (RTT), bit rate and more.
Dedicated Voice Connection
Prevent dropped or abandoned calls using our vast routing mix of ISPs and dedicated network connections.
Branded In-Region Outbound Calling
Eliminate SPAM and increase answers by as much as 90% with call branding and self-defined caller-id.
Instant Web Connections
Eliminate service number fees and mobile surcharges with Click-to-call via VOIP straight from your website.
“It’s critical that we have a consistent, reliable voice quality experience. We use NICE Voice as a Service so we can monitor and score the quality of every single phone call to ensure that every interpreting session is of the highest quality.”
Jeff Cordell
LanguageLine Solutions
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