Achieve revenue goals with AI-powered sales skills.
Eliminate the guesswork

Harness objective scoring of sales skills that impact revenue across 100% of interactions.

Empower agents in real-time
Leverage AI analysis that understands the context and delivers just-in-time recommendations.
Turn insights to action
Optimize sales performance with a comprehensive analysis on agent skills, teams, and performance trends.
Optimize performance with Enlighten AI for Sales Effectiveness

Gain a holistic view of agent performance with objective scoring of sales skills that impact revenue across all interactions. Purpose-built sales-skill behavioral models that influence a “likelihood to buy” metric across all industries is delivered right out-of-the-box. These insights are operationalized in a suite of NICE CX applications for immediate impact on sales conversion rates.

Close the sales gap between top and bottom performers.

A complete purpose-built solution powered by artificial intelligence, Enlighten AI for Sales Effectiveness analyzes agents’ sales skills on every interaction at scale and highlights the behaviors needed to achieve goals in real-time.

Watch video
“Wow” your customers with AI.

Empower sales agents to meet their targets with the skills they need to deliver “wow” experiences that will impress any customer.

knowledge management
Accelerate sales velocity.
Enlighten AI for Sales Effectiveness boosts your sales momentum by analyzing every interaction and providing agents with insight into overcoming objections, making a connection, uncovering a need and other critical skills necessary to meet their revenue targets.
Simplify complex sales processes

Identify the sales steps and best sequence that leads to high conversion rates.

Provide real-time guidance

Empower agents with skills and information that maximize their sales with contextual desktop prompts.

Operationalize objective insights

Provide heatmaps, dashboards and real-time reports to increase the likelihood to buy metric.

Just-in-time coaching feedback

Deliver more timely evaluations and focused feedback with out-of-the-box quality coaching dashboards and workflows.

Amplify best practices

Turn successful sales interactions into best practices and distribute them across the various sales teams.

Uncover sales trends

Understand which sales offers are working and why.

“AI capabilities allow firms to grow their annual revenue by 6.5% YoY whereas non-users observe a 2.9% reduction of revenue.”
Aberdeen Research, CX Leaders’ Agenda Survey
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