Unparalleled security and reliability.
Deploy seamless customizations and pre-built integrations with ease on the CXone platform, a secure and reliable open cloud foundation with industry-leading uptime.
Security and Compliance
Secure your data. Enjoy industry-leading uptime. Our Trust Office ensures that CXone is the platform you can count on.
Resiliency and Reliability
Keep your contact center up and running with extensive security and compliance, dynamic elasticity, guaranteed uptime and proven redundancy and failover strategies.
Find, compare, and activate applications ready-made for CXone by our development partners and take your contact center to new heights.
Developer Tools and APIs
Endless customization options with RESTful APIs and SDKs.
Increase value with pre-integrated applications, UCaaS and CRM adapters.
Give your government agency the tools to act smarter and respond faster with CXone FedRAMP.
Voice as a Service (VaaS)
Connect your agents and customers with quality-optimized cloud voice and data services.
Elevate AI
Improve your conversations with your customers using accurate speech to text transcription and CX AI APIs that understand every interaction.
Multipath to CXone
NICE connects you to CXone cloud solutions gradually and safely, seamlessly integrating with your vital enterprise infrastructure.
Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)

Unify your contact center with the rest of the organization – one vendor, one contract, one source for support. One unbeatable price.

Adopt a cloud that grows with you.
You cannot afford interruptions in your contact center activities and real-time data streams. With zero down time and continuous technology improvements in NICE CXone’s Open Cloud Foundation, you are free to innovate and provide CX excellence worry-free. Make the leap into next-generation capabilities and watch your operational success soar.
Adopt a cloud that grows with you
“With CXone and the cloud, we implemented a work-from-home model which improved our monthly agent retention rate by 15%. We’ve also reduced our monthly training costs by 50% because we don’t need to constantly train new hires.”
Dale McManness
Chief Operating Officer Customer Direct
One cloud for wherever you’re growing
NICE CXone gives you superior elasticity and scalability, making it easier than ever to manage contact center budgets.
Watch video
Vera Bradley Success Story
Learn how Vera Bradley’s move to the cloud helped the company modernize their workplace structure and improve customer satisfaction.
Vera Bradley
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Improve agent retention

Learn how a work-from-home program improved agent retention by 15% & reduced training costs by 50%.

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