Big challenges, optimal solutions.
Today's agents face unprecedented complexities on the job, but they can perform at their peak with the right tools. Set your agents up for success with the industry's most comprehensive, intelligent set of solutions, leveraging the most advanced AI models.
Enlighten Copilot
Empower agents and supervisors with a powerful contact center AI copilot to drive greater focus, productivity, and engagement than ever before.
Omnichannel Agent Desktop
A unified agent workspace provides everything agents need to handle all interactions.
Agent Assist Hub
Easily integrate applications that help turn every one of your agents into a customer service superstar.
Real-Time Guidance
Helps agents understand where they can improve their behaviors in real-time to boost customer satisfaction.
Enlighten AutoSummary
Automate agent notetaking with the power of generative AI to summarize every interaction—reducing manual effort, boosting productivity and elevating CX.
Knowledge Management
Your customer’s journey begins with a search. Meet them with knowledge and ensure they receive the right content, wherever they are.
Knowledge for agents—on demand.
Empower contact center agents and enable proactive customer service with knowledge management.
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How can you best prepare your agents for the modern CX landscape and complexities, like AI?
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Agent training tips for Productive-From-Anywhere contact centers

Agents are your contact center’s biggest assets, but how you train them can either make or break their performance. After all, a contact center is only as strong as its agents, and agents are only as strong as their onboarding and training enables.


NICE Real-Time Interaction Guidance

Most contact center agents receive feedback on their performance after an interaction has already happened – when it’s too late to impact the customer experience. And over-the-shoulder coaching of individual agents does little to move the needle on overall customer experience measures, like CSAT or NPS. What agents need is guidance in the moment that empowers them to make every customer experience the best customer experience possible. That’s what CXone Real-Time Interaction Guidance does, using NICE Enlighten AI—the industry’s first-and-only purpose-built AI that’s pre-trained to understand the intricacies of customer engagement. Drive customer satisfaction with real-time AI on every call by advising agents at point-of-service on critical behaviors scientifically proven to boost customer satisfaction.


Knowledge Management for Smart Contact Center & CX

Highlights the benefits of AI-infused knowledge management on self-service, agent productivity, and CX results.

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