​​GDPR Compliance Center Solution

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is to be enforced by 25 of May 2018 at which time the organizations that are not compliant will face heavy fines, of up to 4% of their annual turnover – or 20 million EUR - whichever is greater. The aim of the regulation is to protect EU citizens’ data and privacy. This will bring tremendous change to the way organizations record, archive and process their data and design their data regulatory compliance processes.​

Put privacy at the top of your compliance practices

The Compliance Center is a unique end-to-end compliance solution for contact centers, bringing together the abilities to visualize data and gain privacy focused insights, take actions on policies, and bridge siloes between data systems to efficiently manage interactions and policies. With the GDPR solution, users obtain actionable intelligence on their GDPR related activities and can directly take proactive or corrective actions to ensure that their practices are aligned with the principles of the regulation.

Gauge adherence to best practices

The Compliance Center offers an innovative "Compliance Assurance" application displaying multiple dashboards to gauge the adherence of the organization to the best data governance practices for capture and retention. Whether organizations need to verify that all data concerned is adequately encrypted, prevent breaches by detecting abnormal behavior, verify that consent has been recorded and is discoverable, or track the quantity and the quality of the data stored, the Compliance Center delivers a thorough solution.

Leverage mission-critical mechanisms

By applying thresholds onto the aggregated data, users can specifically focus on the policies, groups or campaigns that include or process private data and effectively monitor these activities so as to detect vulnerabilities. They can also accommodate the requests of their customers to delete their data or obtain a copy of the latter. With the "Policy Manager" application, which centralizes all retention policies and comprises mission-critical mechanisms to manage the data archived, authorized users can take direct action and dramatically reduce the time needed to detect breaches or delete/extract specific interactions.

Adhere to the fine prints

To accommodate requests to exercise the Right to Be Forgotten, the Compliance Center makes use of advanced data tagging which can retrieve the data associated with any customer ID. It also comprises dedicated workflows for authorized users to perform deletions and/or extractions without the need for 3rd party or professional services. As such, these actions are performed promptly and in strict adherence with the organizations procedures for policy enforcement.

Based on the market leading Engage platform, the Compliance Center provides an end-to-end media encryption approach protecting information during every stage of its lifecycle: capture, use, transmission, and storage. Encryption can also be performed on historical interactions, as a corrective measure. 

Overall the Compliance Center offers a single solution for GDPR compliance and a wealth of features and applications that address the needs of all stakeholders in the Call Center – IT, agents, and compliance, in order to power the adoption of a "compliance by design" approach without creating additional overheads.

Key Benefits:

  • Ensure you protect private data
  • Implement greater transparency
  • Dedicated GDPR workflows
  • DYI capabilities for policy management
  • Ease-of-use

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