Compliance Center

Introducing Compliance by Design

The tick-the-box attitude is no longer a valid approach to implementing successful compliance strategies across the contact center. To address the stringent requirements of industry regulations, such as PCI DSS 3.2, (GDPR), HIPAA, Dodd-Frank, SOX, and MiFID II, organizations need to implement a compliant-by-design approach. This new approach enables them to easily adapt to regulatory changes, and respond to auditors, while ensuring accountability and transparency towards their customers. Today, contact centers worldwide and across industries need to make compliance a customer experience differentiator.

A holistic solution for recording compliance

NICE's Compliance Center is an end-to-end recording compliance solution for contact centers. It merges dedicated real-time analytics and insight capabilities with two applications:

  • Compliance Spot- provides dashboards, real-time alerts, and compliance KPIs and thresholds. The application can detect even the most minor deviations, such as the timing of forced deletions, the accuracy of sales consent, and even suspected PCI violations.
  • Compliance Act – enables users to perform actions based on the insights they previously received. Whether they want to investigate or actually extract interactions, they can take proactive or corrective action.

Based on the market-leading recording platform with unmatched scalability, NICE Advanced Interaction Recorder and NICE Engage Platform, the solution is ready to capture, and retain any channel. It is also Trustwave certified for PCI DSS and HIPAA.

Leveraging analytics for compliance

Compliance Center leverages analytics and real-time capabilities to provide actionable insights and streamline compliance workflows across the enterprise. This includes the ability to detect force deletion failures, the accuracy of sales, and recording consent or specific disclaimers according to TSR, TILA or CFPB requirements.

It checks and generates alerts about the quality of the capture in real time, and even pinpoints suspected PCI violations. Compliance Center brings dedicated solutions for specific regulations, and also enables users to perform actions based on insights they previously received. The solution also helps users investigate or extract interactions for further analysis.

Addressing the needs of all stakeholders in the contact center

By bringing together a unique set of capabilities, the Compliance Center addresses the needs of IT, compliance and agents by:

  • Reducing time and complexity to perform policy changes
  • Detecting breaches to take action
  • Adapting to regulatory changes and assessing adherence to privacy and recording laws
  • Providing recording assurance to agents in real time with notifications and alerts

Key Benefits:

  • Reduce risks and liabilities with a single holistic platform for recording, archiving, extracting, deleting, and auditing
  • Shorten time-to-response to compliance breach or risks with dedicated assurance workflow mechanisms
  • Lower cost with the flexibility to perform the actions needed
  • Boost user efficiency for IT, agents, and compliance with end-to-end processes

NICE Compliance Center is your winning card

See how the compliance center helps users champion compliance