Efficient schedules supporting work-life balance.

Transform how your contact center meets customer demand with the power of machine learning scheduling. NICE WFM employee scheduling software puts advanced technology to work for your organization to develop extremely precise schedules with highly robust scheduling capabilities to deliver on contact center needs and agent scheduling desires.

Unlocking skills-based routing with simulation

Implement skills-based routing preliminary testing with real-world scenario simulation for superior accuracy.

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Understanding the Multi-skill Efficiency Algorithm

Moving beyond Erlang C. A deeper dive into more sophisticated approaches.

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Strengthen contact center scheduling

Helping managers tackle the unique challenges of scheduling head-on with NICE WFM contact center best practices.

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Work-life balance.

Agents’ work-life balance has an enormous impact on adherence and retention, and meeting the needs of both employees and the business can be challenging. Watch our video to learn how the NICE WFM Suite leverages AI and automation to make employees happy and drive business metrics.

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Fine-tune schedule performance.
ML simulation
Capitalizing on skilled agents: Improve scheduling and reduce staffing costs by leveraging intelligent multi-skill efficiency scheduling.
Work-life balance
Giving agents more freedom while still providing a great customer experience, balancing work-life balance with business demands.
Guaranteed agent availability
Allow agents the ability to choose when to work and reward them for selecting hard to fill intervals.
Powerful preferencing
This evaluation process turns a complicated endeavor into a simple, streamlined procedure that considers the full breadth of agent preferences.
Flexible daily/weekly business rules
Leverage business, union, legal, contract rules into the scheduling process.
Complete time off management abilities
Provide time off requests by seamlessly integrating to your time off system of record.
Agent self-scheduling
Intelligent multi-skilled remote agent-scheduling for full self scheduling or partial self scheduling which blends WFM created schedules with agent selected intervals.
Balancing Digital with multi-skilled
Expands on the multi-skill concept to a multi-session model that is purpose built to leverage digital specific attributes.
WFM slashes scheduling conflicts and boosts engagement.
“With NICE WFM, we know we’ve created the best possible schedule for each individual agent.”
– Planning Coordinator, AEC
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