WFM with AI-based forecasting.

Predicting workloads can be challenging and require a vast assortment of complex and hard to identify data . Leveraging AI determines the best algorithm, ensuring optimal accuracy. Forecasting must consider omnichannel interactions and unique average handle-times to determine the proper FTE requirement by skill, channel, and time.

NICE Workforce management with AI addresses the challenges head-on, delivering scheduling efficiencies with the most advanced forecasting on the market.

Forecasting with AI.

Hear how NICE WFM forecasting allows contact centers to leverage diverse algorithm use cases to fit unique contact data needs.

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Truly reliable forecasting.
Anticipate the impossible

The basis of an effective staffing plan is an accurate workload forecast.

Unlock transparency

Smart AI identifies complex historical patterns to accurately predict future staffing requirements.

Maximize possibilities

Seamlessly coordinate long term planning with forecasting for modeling flexibility.

iQor charts global growth with NICE.
“NICE’s accurate, reliable forecasting and staffing solution will enable us to help clients effectively address their workforce management needs. We are excited to leverage NICE’s WFM and EEM capabilities to drive further improvements in productivity, employee engagement and customer satisfaction.”
- Senior Vice President Innovation & Optimization, iQor

NICE WFM has made a significant investment into AI techniques that are embedded into its core workforce management solution. AI “best pick” determines which of more than 45 algorithms will produce the best results for each work type being forecasted.

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Robust contact centers thrive from precise predictive forecasting.

Learn how advanced statistical forecasting can deliver more consistent customer service, controlling costs through market-leading capabilities.

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