Bridge the experience perception divide.

Organizations have long faced challenges in delivering personalized, fluid experiences due to fragmented systems and data siloes, creating an experience divide between customers' brand perception and internal reality.

NICE CXone Mpower is here to change that.

CXone’s platform power + Enlighten’s AI intelligence.
The future of CX is here.
Continuous CX Memory
Based on historical experiences, derived from customer preferences.
Contextual Insights
Injected at precisely the right moment for any interaction.
Interconnected Data
Provides a 360 degree view for all CX stakeholders.
Unified Apps & Workflows
Inform optimal outcomes across every CX journey.
The Ultimate CX-Aware AI Offering

CXone Mpower is the world’s first and only CX-aware AI offering, connecting every touchpoint and application in an organization to create a single, unified experience for customers, employees, and the business.

With continuous Experience Memory based on historical experiences and derived customer preferences, Mpower injects contextual insights at precise moments and utilizes interconnected data and applications to inform optimal outcomes for unparalleled CX awareness.

CXone Mpower = Complete Convergence


Omnichannel Agent | Recording | Quality Management
Feedback Management | Expert Knowledge Management
Workforce Management | Performance Management | Interaction Analytics


Autopilot | Copilot for Agents | XO
Copilot for Supervisors | Actions

Unlock the Mpower Effect.

Match customers’ memory continuum and drive exponential results with the compounding benefits to deliver exceptional experiences for both customers and employees.

Three harmonious forces, turbocharge performance.


Supercharge employee performance with copilot capabilities powered by continuous CX memory.


Enable dynamic skills exchange between employees and AI agents through "skillability" and reverse-prompting.

Fully Autonomous Proactive Service

Transform operational norms with complete awareness to proactively recommend actions, optimize processes, and devise creative solutions.

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