What is a Performance Management System?

A contact center performance management system is an all-in-one reporting tool that offers real-time, historical, and transactional data for all roles. It takes the slow, tedious, and manual work out of reporting by taking raw data from multiple sources like ACD, CRM, WFM, QM, etc. and aggregating it on real-time dashboards. This makes monitoring performance across the entire workforce, whether they are all remote or in-office, easier than ever.

Performance management engages employees by offering individual and team performance tools like dashboards, wallboards, agent engagement surveys, and gamification. Dashboards enable contact center personnel to spot trends, avoid performance slumps and make swift, confident decisions that empower agents to succeed. Wallboards give an overview of rankings, achievements, and company messages, while providing healthy competition in the workplace. Gamification enables contact centers to automatically distribute coins, badges, and rewards based on performance.

By offering real-time performance feedback, recognition and rewards, contact centers can make data-driven decisions and achieve peak performance.

How NICE is Redefining Customer Experience

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