Deploy integrations in hours and scale them as your needs evolve.
Personalize every interaction

Our holistic customer view helps agents understand their customers on a deeper level.

Get more done

Improve agent efficiency with unified agent desktop that reduces effort and handle time.

Make better decisions

Turn insights into better decision making with unified reporting.

Get it right the first time

Connect your customers to the right resource, right away.

Move faster than ever

Stay agile with a tested, pre-built integration that lets you easily deploy, scale and extend.

Reduce costs & development efforts
No need to build and maintain custom integrations by leveraging pre-built integrations
Integration offerings

Our CRM integrations offer options to choose how your agents want to work - whether it’s integrated via browser extension or embedded directly within your CRM, your agents will have an all-in-one agent desktop that delivers everything they need at their fingertips, providing contact center and CRM functionality in a single experience that is easy to implement and use.

CXone CRM Integration Capability Matrix
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Learn how CXone pre-built CRM integrations empower agents to personalize every customer interaction.

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CXone easily integrates with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, ServiceNow, Zendesk, Kustomer and Pega in hours and it’s built to scale as you grow.

Deliver personalized service with speed & efficiency.

NICE CXone pre-built CRM Integrations consolidate your customer context and contact center controls into a single interface. Now your agents can deliver better experiences in less time with easy access to the tools and information they need.

Need to integrate with another off-the-shelf or custom-built CRM? Use our open APIs, engage one of our trusted DEVone Partners, CXone Professional Services or build your own workflow.
Unified User Interface

Increase agent productivity - reduce agent time and effort navigating using separate applications. CXone Integrations provide quick and easy access to customer data and contact center controls in one easy-to-use interface – agents can handle more interactions in less time.

Integrate with multiple CRMs and instances

Make informed decisions based on visibility into multiple CRMs and instances to improve customer experience faster and easier.

Automatically update

Reduce post contact work and agent errors with automatic updates to the CRM with interaction data.

Out-of-the box ready

Reduce development efforts with pre-built CRM integrations with customized search, screen pops, data memorialization, and more!

“Screen pops display an incoming caller’s information from Salesforce so agents already know who they’re talking to…This saves 2-3 minutes per call”
Pauline Mulvey
Vice President of Enterprise Business Technology Mitchell International
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