What is Customer Interaction Analytics?

Customer interaction analytics is software that can review and assess voice recordings and transcripts from digital channels like email and chat. Artificial intelligence (AI), such as natural language processing, gives customer interaction analytics the capability to understand human speech, which enables the software to identify contact drivers, emerging issues, customer sentiment, and more.

Customer interaction analytics software zeroes in on keywords and phrases to identify trends. For example, if the word "error" begins appearing more frequently, it can alert managers to a new website problem. It can also quantify the occurrences and identify specific customers who were affected. These capabilities allow organizations to be proactive and agile in the face of disruptive events.

Contact centers can also use customer interaction analytics tools to determine customer sentiment. Identifying keywords like "mad," "disappointed," and "awesome" is one piece of the puzzle. Analytics software can also factor in conversational characteristics like voice pitch and volume and the length of pauses to develop a more comprehensive view of how a customer feels. Customer interaction analytics tools can identify sentiment at the individual customer and agent levels or roll it up so contact centers can track overall sentiment.

Contact centers also use customer interaction analytics as part of their quality management programs. Traditional quality monitoring relies on analysts reviewing and evaluating a very small sample of interactions. This makes it likely that the resulting quality scores don't completely represent the quality of the organization or its individual agents. Customer interaction analytics can review and assess 100% of contacts, enabling a more accurate, comprehensive, and fair view of quality.

Performance management efforts also benefit from customer interaction analytics. For example, the software can identify individual training needs for both hard and soft skills. Additionally, because sentiment can be tracked at the agent level, contact centers can provide incentives based on customer sentiment scores.

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