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Forrester Planning Guide 2023: Customer Experience


It’s that time again: Planning for the upcoming year is in full swing. Even if that’s not the case, it’s probably something you think about constantly, year-round, and it’s no wonder. Within the contact center, leadership must present compelling business cases for a myriad of programs and budgets—including (and perhaps most importantly) customer experience initiatives. To justify expenses, management must decide what elements are most effective in wowing customers during every interaction and what elements will produce a tangible ROI throughout the year. Things can get… stressful, to say the least.

According to the complimentary Forrester report (courtesy of NICE CXone), “Planning Guide 2023: Customer Experience,” 82% of CX leaders expect their program budgets to rise within the next 12 months. However, waning focus on customer needs and rising customer expectations within an unpredictable economy makes that outcome far from guaranteed.

Data collected by Forrester sheds some light on CX leader expectations regarding their program budgets, and their priorities for the coming year. It also provides significant insight into the components most likely to increase the value, quality, and impact of your CX program. The more educated and prepared CX leaders are where their budget is concerned, the less likely it’ll face a trimming down.

This report covers key areas to increase funding for maximum program efficiency, including:

It also touches on where unnecessary spending can be cut, including:

  • Needless user access to SaaS platforms
  • In-person contact centers
  • Surveys failing to drive action and insight

Is your company investing in what counts this year? What kind of CX will your budget allow you to deliver? Find out now with the complimentary 2023 report. Get it now.


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