Adaptive incentive compensation.
Handle complexity

Know no barriers in your go to market strategies, implement any business calculation logic quickly, efficiently, and transparently.

Become self sufficient

Own your system and work with full autonomy, managing complex changes without IT, coding or professional services.

Scale without limits

Support your business-critical needs by processing millions of sales transactions, credits, and commissions within minutes.

Manage complexity with simplicity.

See how to build complex plans with complex business rules and calculation formulas using an intuitive, Excel-like interface.

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Incentive compensation for the enterprise.

Meet the demands of large-scale sales incentives with a platform designed for data management complexity.

Calculate commissions based on any number of criteria, run prior period adjustments, automate disputes and other processes, and troubleshoot crediting problems.

Use real-time web and mobile reports to let payees instantly view their pay, track progress on quota attainment, and assess potential earnings.

Incentive compensation & the challenge of change.

Pay accurately and on time regardless of last-minute changes. Learn how our solution streamlines, facilitates, and automates the implementation of changes and the propagation of relevant data.

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Fine tune incentive management.
Calculate commissions

Calculate commissions based on any number of criteria, such as percentage to on-target earnings, flat/tiered/calculated rate, linear curves and more.

Manage adjustments

Run prior period adjustments with no limitation on lookback periods, number of adjustments, assignment changes, etc.

Handle sales crediting

Enrich sales transactions, manage crediting rules using a simple UI, and quickly investigate and resolve crediting inquiries.

Automate sales processes

Eliminate manual processes and gaps between sales teams, sales operations, and compensation administrators.

Increase visibility

Provide sales reps with real-time comp statements and earning potential on desktops or mobile devices.

Analyze performance

Examine team and individual performance reports, and analyze which incentives are driving the right behaviors.

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