Transform territory and quota management.
Meet business needs

Demystify the complexity of your territories, visualizing and balancing the most complex sets of products, accounts, and quotas.

Handle change

Minimize time needed to implement changes by owning the management of quotas, territories and flow of data.

Collaborate across teams

Automate business-critical TQM processes for all stakeholders: Finance, Sales operation and Compensation analysts.

Learn how NICE TQM helps you manage complex sales territories, account assignments, quotas, and more.

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Manage complexity and change with ease.

Maximize operational efficiency and optimize performance by facilitating the management of complex, multilevel territories, accounts, and quotas in a data-driven environment.

NICE TQM seamlessly integrates with NICE Incentive Compensation Management (ICM), increasing adaptability and allowing companies to rapidly respond to dynamic market conditions and internal changes, to optimize sales performance.

Break down operational silos.
Plan and align quotas

Use top-down or bottom-up quota planning using contextual data, roll up or drill down into quota data, easily adjust quotas, and visualize the impact of changes in real time.

Manage complex territory rules

Manage multi-level, multidimensional territory hierarchies and rules using visual drag-and-drop of accounts, products, geographies or any custom criteria.

Change with ease

Meet payroll deadline regardless of last-minute changes by incorporating all data into a single system and allowing all stakeholders to collaborate on territory rules.

Automate data propagation

Automatically translate territory and crediting rule definitions into sales credits, and enable quick and accurate commission calculations, reporting and payments.

Amplify territory potential

Carefully plan sales territory coverage, creating fair balanced territories ensuring business goals are met and payees are motivated.

Maximize the power of data

Integrate seamlessly with your existing data sources, like Salesforce or other enterprise systems, to easily bring in data required for planning and on-going management.

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Case Studies

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How a leading consumer electronics company uses NICE ICM for daily processing of over 100 million sales transactions.