Manage complexity and change with ease.

Accommodate complex sales hierarchies and logic for compensation plans, sales crediting, territories, and quotas, using a fully integrated solution.

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Here’s why large sales organizations love us.
“If you have complex plans, this is the best product in the market”
Global Head, HR and Compensation Technology
Services | 10,000-20,000 employees

"Incredibly self- sufficient. ICM works very well for us enabling us to manage our commissions plan effectively with minimal intervention from NICE."
Commissions Manager
Energy and Utilities | 5,000-10,000 employees
“Very Good Performance And Very Good Integration!!!
Senior Director - Sales Operations
Analyst in Finance and Accounting
Manufacturing | 5,000-10,000 employees
Achieve self-sufficiency.
Create and manage sales territories, crediting, quotas, compensation plans, and reporting independently, without involving IT.
Incentive Compensation Management (ICM)

Manage sales incentives for thousands of payees while handling crediting, commission calculations, adjustments, and massive data volumes.

Territory Management and Quotas

Seamlessly connect sales territory definitions and quotas with commission calculations, reporting and payments.

Sales Crediting

Manage sales crediting for
 thousands of payees without a single line of code, with full transparency and daily processing of millions of transactions.
Pay for Performance

Align contact center agents’ key performance indicators with variable compensation to drive performance and improve motivation.
Can you manage constant changes?

Learn how NICE SPM helps make accurate and timely compensation payments, regardless of constant changes.

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"Using NICE sales crediting we were able to reduce 1000 plans to five or 10 plans and calculate more efficiently and effectively.”
Gayla Moore
Business Systems Manager Shaw Industries
Enterprise-Scale Sales Performance Management.

Connect sales territories with sales crediting, commission calculations, reporting and payments in a continuous, seamless process.

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