Automate incentive compensation.
Pay accurately. Pay on time.

Ensure timely and correct payments, building trust and reducing costly staff turnover.

Provide full transparency

Provide agents with insight into their performance, current compensation, future pay, building trust and aiding motivation.

Achieve more with less

Automate complex payment calculations, reduce errors and streamline inquiries and disputes, freeing up your staff.

How NICE Pay for Performance helps managing variable pay for thousands of contact center agents.

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Selling in the contact center.

When your contact center agents are engaged in selling and measured on sales oriented KPIs, NICE Pay for Performance (P4P) is the solution.

Create comprehensive compensation formulas based on multiple KPIs, each with a different weight, analyze team performance viewing metrics like target attainment, let agents instantly view their compensation and performance, and automate time-consuming processes like data validation, payment amounts, inquiries and disputes. NICE P4P works seamlessly with other NICE products and integrates into your agents’ current workflows.

Manage incentive compensation at scale.
Handle complex calculations

Create compensation formulas based on weighted KPIs like total interactions, AHT, NPS, transfer percentage, or any other metric.

Increase visibility

Provide agents with real-time compensation statements, earning potential and performance metrics reports.

Process at scale

Process millions of data records within minutes and deliver compensation values instantly without waiting for nightly batch runs.

See the whole picture

Access all relevant contact center performance data in a single view with metrics aggregated from all relevant data sources in real-time.

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