Automate sales crediting.
No rule is too complex

Easily credit payees on any number of rules, hierarchies, dimensions, and exceptions.

No pre-processing, No IT

Take control over crediting and eliminate time-consuming and error-prone code changes, owned by IT.

100 million credits, no problem

Process millions of credits within minutes and identify problems quickly without endless waits for nightly batch runs.

Crediting rules made easy.

See how you can visually manage all crediting tasks without a single line of code.

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IT-free sales crediting.

With NICE SPM, sales operations can finally fully own sales crediting, getting rid of external code, slow processing, and reliance on IT.

Business users can efficiently manage large-scale sales crediting without a single line of code - from uploading data from multiple sources, enriching sales transactions, visually updating and troubleshooting crediting rules – all the way to processing millions of transactions and producing credits at lightning speed.

Introducing transparent sales crediting.

Eliminate the crediting black box and make crediting data accessible and understood to all stakeholders – sales operations, sales reps and compensation administrators.

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Automating sales crediting end-to-end.
Upload transactions and rules

Gain full flexibility with data loaders that enable independent upload of all required data from multiple sources.

Enrich sales transactions

Ensure that all sales transactions are ready for crediting by adding needed attributes like geography and products.

Manage rules visually

View and edit rules in a clear and easily understood user interface, offering visual point and click filters.

Diagnose problems

Handle inquiries and quickly diagnose problems by instantly identifying any transaction and its corresponding rules.

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Case Studies

From one week to three hours.

How a leading consumer electronics company uses NICE ICM for daily processing of over 100 million sales transactions.