What is digital messaging?

Also referred to as business messaging, digital messaging is the set of channels a company uses to communicate with its customers. Digital messaging can happen on any channel where your brand has a presence, from social media to web chat, but the most common business messaging channel is SMS or text message.

Even if you’ve never actively reached out to contact a brand, if you’ve purchased a product or service in the modern world, then you’ve interacted with a digital messaging system. Shipping notifications, appointment reminders, marketing emails, and promotional text messages are just a few of the common examples of digital messaging we encounter in everyday life.

Business messaging systems are invaluable for providing support and making sales. They allow brands to send personalized product recommendations, share promotions, provide useful informational resources, and keep agent workloads manageable, all of which contribute to better performance.

But such systems aren’t just a one-way channel for brands to blast messages to consumers. They also work the other way, fulfilling a critical demand on the part of your customers: to be able to reach you easily when they need to. Digital messaging allows you to meet your customers on the platforms of their choice, have personal conversations and reach successful outcomes at scale.

How is digital messaging used in customer interactions?

In the dynamic landscape of customer interactions, the emergence of digital messaging has profoundly transformed how businesses engage with customers. A digital message, synonymous with digital communication, is an advanced interaction mode across platforms like messaging apps, email, chat applications, and social media.

A digital message is the modern conduit of customer engagement, blending technology and human interaction seamlessly. It bridges the gap between you and your customer, enabling real-time dialogues across the digital sphere. This unleashes advantages resonating with the modern consumer, offering flexibility and alignment with daily routines. Customers can swiftly inquire about products, find solutions, and receive updates, harmonizing with contemporary lifestyles.

Digital messaging shines in various aspects of customer interactions:

  • Swift responses: Customers receive prompt responses to their questions for enhanced satisfaction.
  • Effortless service and support: Effortless communication assures customers of timely resolutions and convenient interactions.
  • Timely notifications and updates: A digital message relays crucial information promptly, from order confirmations to delivery updates.
  • Real-time feedback and engagement: Real-time feedback fosters transparency and active customer participation.
  • Personalized conversations: By leveraging data, digital messaging can offer personalized recommendations and tailored assistance.

In sum, the use of a digital message within customer interactions paints a compelling portrait of adaptability and customer-centricity. This mode of engagement defies the constraints of time and geography, allowing you to cultivate customer relationships that are not bound by traditional limitations. Every digital message your team sends increases convenience for your customers, fostering a harmonious, loyal relationship between you and your customers.

What are the benefits of digital messaging for remote agents?

There is much to consider when migrating an onsite contact center workforce to a remote setup. As a manager, you’ll have to consider things like providing tools that cultivate productivity and minimize stress or distractions for agents as well as helping them to practice good time management. Utilizing tools like digital messaging as part of a work from home contingency plan can accomplish all of these and allow your agents to maintain, if not ramp up, your quality of service.

There are three main areas where digital messaging can really help our agents shine when working from home. We’ve broken them down below:

Increase agent and customer satisfaction

If you’re already sending one-way messages you’re getting responses that are going unanswered. That amounts to a huge missed opportunity. And for those not already utilizing an asynchronous channel like SMS messaging at all, you should know that the flexibility and availability it affords to both agents and customers is unmatched.

Meet the high expectations of customers & make their lives easier while doing it

Consumers want to be contacted through their channel of choice at a time that is convenient for them. This preference is heightened in times of insecurity when their attention is being pulled in every direction.

Webchat can help drive internal alignment & surface customer information quickly

Webchat can also aid in call deflection and drive more efficient service. Internal chat can also be used to help agents communicate amongst themselves so information is transferred and the customer doesn’t have to repeat themselves.

Higher connect rates mean happy agents and more revenue

SMS provides a path to agent efficiency AND customer satisfaction. Response rates for SMS skew higher than other channels because it’s a consumer-favorite medium, which means agent connectivity will grow, and, in turn, so will your bottom line. While response rates are going to depend on what you’re sending or asking customers to do in your text campaigns, the general consensus is that SMS consistently outperforms voice and email when it comes to open or engagement rates.

Safeguard against agent burnout

If you’re dealing with an uptick in call volume your agents could be feeling overwhelmed.

SMS is easy to set up, easy to monitor, and, best of all, easy for agents to use. Bi-directional auto-responses coupled with keyword triggers let agents focus on those customers whose issues require undivided attention over the phone.

Keep agents organized

A messaging campaign dashboard can help your team stay organized by keeping track of which customers have been sent a message, slimming call lists while making sure you’re staying on track with who you need to reach.

Optimize agent efficiency with digital channels

Asynchronous digital channels like two-way messaging, webchat, and email provide an easy solution for distributing information quickly to customers. While some issues require a phone call, many customer interactions can be handled just as effectively online.

Increase efficiency so agents can focus on making more outbound connections

With two-way messaging, you can increase your visibility and your reach with customers exponentially. This means not only contacting more people per day but actually engaging them and getting them to take action.

Click-to-text takes agents from one to many

Just like HCI® (Human Call Initiator), Click-to-text, or HTI (Human Text Initiator) with consent allows you to maximize your outreach by sending mass updates that direct your customers to follow your lead.

Deflect call volume

With a surge in call volume during challenging times like this, your agents might be likely in an overwhelmed state. Use two-way messaging to partition some of your agents to handle incoming texts to thin call queues. Responding to texts is something they can do with multiple customers at one time so it’s increasing your efficiency from the customer perspective while driving agent productivity.

Pre-written messages create consistency.

You can lock down what messages contain. Templatizing is an easy way to boost efficiency by cutting down on typing while ensuring adherence to scripts. Custom template creation and canned messages can be leveraged for quality management and tailored on the fly, even within automated campaigns.

Empower customers to self-help

An asynchronous channel means round-the-clock service. It also means fewer calls in the queue and lowered wait times. Two-way messaging encourages customers to be more self-reliant and lets agents set more straightforward, routine issues that can arise to autopilot.

Keep self-service calls out of agent queues.

One simple way to triage an uptick in call volume is to help customers become self-reliant by using two-way messaging as a virtual agent capability. In scenarios where human intervention isn’t necessary a text can provide a faster level of service. For example, you may already be sending account alerts via text, but your customers might have follow-up questions. With two-way messaging, they can continue that conversation in the same thread started by the initial alert.

Set up keyword cues to simulate conversational exchanges.

Keyword routing lets you configure triggers based on specified words to carry out actions via messaging. For example, if a customer wants to schedule a call with an agent for a later date you can set the word “CALL” to schedule that appointment. Or, if they’d like to opt into recurring automatic payments they can text you “AUTOMATIC” — the words you choose are up to you.

Digital channels provide a twofold benefit for agents working from home because you’re enabling constant contact while also gathering vital intel that can be leveraged to better understand customer preferences, history, and intent. With this information, you can further develop relationships that yield positive ROI benefits for your company’s bottom line whether agents are at home or in the office.

How do digital messages improve customer communication?

Digital messages are reshaping the very fabric of interaction between businesses and their clientele. Acting as a seamless conduit, they help you transcend temporal and spatial constraints, providing fertile ground for real-time or near-real-time exchanges between customers and contact center agents.

At its core, the responsiveness inherent in digital messages becomes a cornerstone of customer satisfaction. The immediacy they afford stands in stark contrast to the traditional phone call, eradicating the exasperating experience of languishing on hold. Instead, customers find themselves engaged in fluid dialogues that align seamlessly with their modern, fast-paced lives. This newfound convenience not only elevates customer contentment but also bolsters the brand’s reputation for attentive and empathetic service.

Delving deeper into the orchestration of digital messages, the impact reverberates across both sides of the conversation. Agents, armed with the ability to adroitly manage multiple conversations concurrently, become paragons of efficiency and productivity. This multi-faceted interaction management yields many benefits. Agents wield the power to seamlessly pivot between conversations, cultivating a sense of uninterrupted engagement that resonates with customers. Swift resolutions become a hallmark of these digital exchanges, imprinting the memory of positive experiences that linger long after the interaction concludes.As the digital realm becomes an extension of customer interactions, the strategic integration of digital messages not only enhances communication but also embodies a synergy between technology and human connection. The personalized immediacy of these exchanges transcends transactional engagement, fostering lasting relationships and loyalty. In a world where every message becomes a brushstroke on the canvas of customer perception, businesses wield the power to craft narratives of authenticity, understanding, and unparalleled service through the artistry of digital messages.

Industries that benefit from digital messaging


Healthcare organizations can use digital messaging to send appointment reminders, encourage timely payments, notify patients of test results, alert patients to changes in their chart, and more.

Financial services

Financial services firms can greatly benefit from business messaging services. Digital messages can be used to send account updates, provide transaction history, upsell premium services, and complete two-step account authentication, among other things. A secure messaging solution offers the added benefit of helping organizations meet all compliance requirements for the safe delivery of financial information.

Customer service

For most of us, this is the industry where the bulk of our experience with digital messaging comes from. From social media conversations to SMS-based support, the customer service options for leveraging digital messaging are endless.


Retail businesses can turn their digital messaging system into a powerful sales engine with abandoned cart reminders, back-in-stock alerts, tailored product suggestions, and geo-triggered promo codes.

Travel and tourism

Travel-based companies can turn the often-stressful experience of getting from one place to another into a seamless one with messages like flight status notifications, pre-trip checklists, and customized recommendations for things to see and do.


With a much higher open rate than email, SMS messaging presents a valuable opportunity for teleservices firms to connect with customers on a platform they actually enjoy using.

Digital Messaging FAQ

What role does digital messaging play in modern customer interactions?

In modern customer interactions, digital messaging is a pivotal thread, seamlessly weaving through evolving communication dynamics. This engagement transcends boundaries, aligning with the digital rhythms of customers’ lives. Embracing immediacy, it creates a symphony of interactions attuned to contemporary existence. Digital messaging helps your team navigate issue resolution, information sharing, and relationship cultivation with ease and speed.

The significance of digital messaging extends beyond its inherent convenience. It’s a bridge that extends an open invitation to diverse customer preferences, understanding that the spectrum of engagement is as varied as the customers themselves. For introverted individuals who may shy away from phone calls, digital messaging provides a comforting sanctuary where queries can be articulated with ease. This inclusive approach to engagement fosters an atmosphere where every individual’s communication needs are considered and honored.

Beyond the mechanics, the tone of digital messaging contributes to its prominence in the modern landscape. The conversation takes on an informal and conversational hue, transcending the traditional rigidity of communication. This shift in tone dismantles barriers, fostering a sense of authenticity and approachability that resonates profoundly with customers. The result is a tapestry of interactions that are not merely transactional but transformational as businesses embrace the nuances of human connection in the digital realm.

Digital messaging’s role extends beyond convenience. It empowers your agents to navigate the customer journey with adaptability. This engagement embraces diverse preferences and styles, affirming the uniqueness of each interaction. With an authentic tone, digital messaging dances in harmony with relatability, imprinting enduring memories that outlast virtual conversations.

How can a digital messaging solution enhance customer engagement?

Crafting personalized and profound interactions that resonate deeply is at the heart of customer engagement. This is where the prowess of a digital messaging solution comes to the fore. As a strategic enabler, it helps your team transcend mere communication, evolving into smoothly orchestrated and resonant customer engagement.

The quintessence of a digital messaging solution is its ability to imbue interactions with a sense of bespoke attention. Through data and analytics, you can meticulously curate responses, aligning them with individual customer behavior and historical interactions. This tailor-made approach reflects a profound understanding of the customer’s unique journey and augments the overall quality of engagement. Every exchange becomes an ode to personalization, solidifying the business–customer relationship.

But the possibility for enhancement is not limited to personalization. A digital messaging solution also allows you to connect continuously with customers. It’s a conduit for post-interaction engagement, fostering a seamless dialogue that persists beyond the initial exchange. Follow-up messages and order updates demonstrate your dedication and unwavering care. This proactive stance mitigates potential issues and portrays your deep commitment to customer satisfaction. The result is a customer experience that leaves a lasting, positive mark on your customer.

In a world where customer engagement is an art form, a digital messaging solution is a masterful brushstroke that adds vibrancy and depth. Its ability to infuse interactions with personalization and maintain a continuous connection can propel you beyond transactional engagement. It allows you and your team to build relationships that transcend the transactional. In this symphony of engagement, a digital messaging solution allows you to orchestrate experiences that resonate far beyond interactions alone.

How does a digital messenger contribute to effective customer support?

A digital messenger seamlessly integrated into a business’s website or app plays a central role in bolstering customer support strategies. This dynamic tool functions as a proactive gateway, swiftly connecting customers with assistance. Its instantaneous accessibility proves invaluable, particularly for customers seeking swift resolutions to their inquiries. By providing a channel for real-time communication, the digital messenger not only facilitates open dialogue but also contributes to the perception of your steadfast dedication to addressing customer needs.

Beyond its immediacy, the digital messenger boasts an intelligent routing feature. This capability enables it to deftly allocate incoming inquiries to the most skilled agents. This strategic distribution ensures that customers are swiftly connected with professionals who possess the relevant expertise. The outcome is a markedly improved issue resolution process, eliminating the necessity for customers to undergo the frustration of being bounced between departments. This seamless experience empowers customers to entrust their concerns to knowledgeable hands from the outset.In essence, the digital messenger assumes the role of a customer support ally. It functions as an agile mediator, bridging the gap between customers and the support system. By streamlining communication and expediting solutions, it becomes a driving force for operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. As customer expectations for prompt and effective support continue to evolve, the digital messenger emerges as a beacon of responsiveness. It optimizes the customer support landscape, nurturing a harmonious relationship between businesses and their valued clientele.

How does digital messaging streamline communications?

A digital messaging system is a pivotal cog within the mechanics of efficient communication. It functions as a central hub, deftly managing an intricate web of communication channels. This hub is where your customer interactions take place, guided by unity, clarity, and seamlessness.

At its core, a digital messaging system serves as a unified interface where agents deftly handle messages from an array of sources. Messaging apps, email threads, web-based chats, and social media platforms all converge here. A digital messaging system helps your agents juggle all these channels. The result? Seamless engagement marked by efficiency rather than a quagmire of platform transitions.

There are several advantages to using a digital messaging system. Of course, it helps your agents save time. But it also helps guard against oversight. With the consolidation of sources, the risk of interactions slipping through the cracks is minimized. Every query, concern, or inquiry finds its rightful place, ensuring no customer interaction is lost.

A significant aspect of a digital messaging system is its automation feature. This system can automatically generate responses for common queries. This helps agents by taking care of repetitive tasks. This has two main benefits. First, it speeds up how quickly customers receive answers. Second, it allows your agents to focus on complex queries, where a deeper understanding and personal attention are crucial.In today’s world of customer interactions, the smooth operations and automation provided by a digital messaging system take the spotlight. This combination ensures interactions happen consistently across different channels.. Efficiency is prioritized, along with careful attention. This results in interactions that stand out due to their high quality. Every communication contributes to creating a seamless engagement experience.

What is a digital touch message?

A digital touch message is a personalized interaction that unfolds between a customer and a business. It surpasses transactional exchanges, aiming to create a genuine connection. This involves tailoring responses to match customer preferences, previous interactions, and specific needs. This approach elevates routine conversations, making them memorable encounters that deeply resonate with customers. Through digital touch messages, businesses demonstrate their unwavering commitment to understanding and valuing each customer’s unique journey.

What is a digital touch message? At its heart lies authentic engagement. This goes beyond the superficial, reaching into the realm of genuine understanding. A digital touch message reflects a keen awareness of the customer’s history with your business, taking into account their preferences, concerns, and goals. This awareness forms the basis for crafting responses that are meaningful and personalized.

Through digital touch messages, you prove that your customers are more than transactions—they’re cherished partners on your journey. These interactions are marked by warmth and customization, leaving a lasting impression even after the conversation ends. By responding in a manner that mirrors this profound understanding, you can showcase your dedication to putting the customer first. This, in turn, boosts brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

In summary, a digital touch message isn’t merely a reply; it’s an embodiment of empathy, understanding, and dedication. It represents a considerate approach to customer interaction that runs deeper than the surface, resonating with customers on a personal level. By mastering the art of digital touch messages, you can solidify your reputation as a customer-centric business, nurturing connections that withstand the test of time.

What does the term “message digital” refer to in customer communication?

In the world of customer interactions, a “digital message” refers to written communication shared between customers and businesses through digital means. These digital channels encompass various platforms, including messaging apps, email, web chats, and social media. What is a digital message? It’s a versatile tool that empowers customers to seek assistance, provide feedback, or engage in conversations with businesses. This all happens while customers enjoy the benefits of convenience, speed, and personalized attention inherent in the digital realm.

A digital message goes beyond mere text exchanges. It acts as a seamless bridge, connecting you to your customers in a manner that suits today’s fast-paced lifestyle. Through this medium, customers can easily express inquiries, concerns, or thoughts, and your agents can respond promptly with relevant information. The ecosystem of digital messaging adds flexibility to conversations, facilitating efficient communication between these two essential parties.

The essence of a digital message lies in its ability to create connections. It allows you to engage with customers beyond geographical limits. This digital thread weaves together a global fabric of interactions, eliminating barriers and fostering inclusivity. As businesses adjust to their audience’s preferences, digital messaging becomes a versatile tool that adapts to various communication styles, promoting relatability and authenticity. A digital message stands as a crucial pillar in contemporary customer interactions. It enables written exchanges that transcend conventional boundaries, enabling seamless engagement across digital platforms. This mode of communication empowers customers to voice their needs while your team responds promptly with tailored attention. As the digital landscape evolves, the importance of digital messages remains steadfast, embodying the dynamic interplay between technology and meaningful human engagement.

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