What is a Predictive Dialer?

A predictive dialer is technology that automates the dialing of outbound phone calls and uses an algorithm to predict outbound agent availability, thus ensuring maximum efficiency. Dialers were originally created to remove the burden from agents of manually dialing phone numbers. Predictive dialers offer this benefit plus the added perk of maximizing connect rates while minimizing agent idle time.

The sophisticated predictive dialer algorithm factors in variables such as connect rates, average talk time, agent breaks, and abandon rates. The dialer constantly monitors these statistics and updates the algorithm throughout the day. This allows the predictive dialer to simultaneously dial multiple calls per agent using the logic that some calls won't be answered and agents will very likely be available to handle the calls that do connect. When someone answers a call, the predictive dialer will transfer it to an available agent. Making simultaneous phone calls is one feature that distinguishes a predictive dialer from a progressive dialer, which doesn't dial the next call until an agent becomes available.

Predictive dialers are made for high volume throughput, so they are often found in telemarketing and collections operations. However, they are also effective for proactive outbound contacts, such as notification of potentially compromised credit cards. Regardless of their use, organizations with predictive dialers need to comply with federal and state regulations regarding the use of dialers. Some predictive dialers provide solutions that help address these compliance requirements.

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