What is Agent Utilization?

Agent utilization is a workforce management metric that indicates agent productivity. It is really just the ratio of agent work produced divided by their work capacity. While it is pretty straightforward, agent utilization can be a bit complicated to measure because it typically takes into account breaks, vacation and sick days, and a few other variables. With utilization, higher is better, because low utilization indicates that your cost per agent-assisted contact is higher.

How NICE is Redefining Customer Experience

NICE CXone is the industry’s only interaction-centric platform where channels, data, applications, and knowledge converge to improve customer experience at scale.

It is the leading, most complete and unified CX Platform on the market, used by thousands of organizations of all sizes around the world to help them consistently deliver exceptional customer experiences. CXone is a cloud native, unified suite of applications designed to help you holistically run your call (or contact) center operations.

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