What is a Bulk SMS Sender?

A bulk SMS sender is an application that allows users to send out text blasts to communicate to customers. It works by delivering a message to a large list of recipients. Unlike group texts, bulk SMS messages do not reveal the numbers of the other recipients. Bulk SMS senders are a popular option for marketers, particularly because of their high open rate of 94% and ability to quickly reach hundreds of contacts at once. In order to increase the chances of success, it’s important to craft messages that can produce results. Using a list segmentation technique in conjunction with a bulk SMS sender helps increase the effectiveness of your bulk SMS campaign. Call centers also benefit from using a bulk SMS sender because of its versatility; agents can use them for a variety of tasks. Agents can reach customers en masse and deliver important updates about upcoming promotions, service or product updates, callback requests, and company-wide changes.

Call centers can also maximize the benefits of a bulk SMS sender by incorporating them within agent workflows. For example, agents can use their CRM to send out bulk SMS messages to their customers by integrating a bulk SMS sender API into their platform. Agent workflows remain uninterrupted as they seamlessly connect with the application, allowing agents to help customers all through one platform. Bulk SMS senders also allow agents to filter out or add attributes to their list of recipients. Segmentation can bring better results because agents can tailor a more customized message to a group of targeted recipients that fit their chosen criteria.

The Benefits of SMS Marketing

SMS marketing works seamlessly with other channels you’re likely already using to talk to customers, like email and social media platforms. Plus, it’s a great tool for marketing automation. If you’re not already using text messaging to reach your audience, launching this channel should be a key priority.

What is Two-way Text Messaging? Conversational Business SMS Guide

Two-way SMS is almost like creating a conversation with a stranger. You have to make sure you’re saying something interesting and impactful because customers actually want to talk back to you on this channel. This touch goes a long way for customer service. A simple “Welcome” message can translate into some serious NPS points.

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