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Metrigy Research Report: From Process Outsourcer to CX Managed Services Provider


The BPO market is projected to reach over $350 billion globally this year. A big part of that volume is customer experience (CX) opportunities resulting from the rise of digital-first customers and accelerated digital transformations.

“From Process Outsourcer to CX Managed Services Provider,” the new research report from Metrigy, reveals how BPOs are capitalizing on those opportunities by operating more like CX outsourcers. In fact, 40% of BPOs are leveraging CX technology to make customer journeys more seamless, and 75% consider AI a high priority CX investment.

This in-depth report features insights on how BPOs are:

  • Developing a strong CX strategy to serve their clients better
  • Expanding into turnkey CX design, implementation, and consulting
  • Delivering consistency across all channels with a cloud CX platform
  • Optimizing CX through AI, self-service, and automation
  • Empowering agents by making WFO/WEM a high priority investment

Be ready for every CX opportunity.

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White Papers

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