Are you doing enough to engage your customers?

Do your customers have to navigate a patchwork of disconnected experiences to get to you? They want the path of least resistance. It’s time to fix customer experience. Your customers deserve it and your business needs it.

Customer experience interactions (CXi) is a new category of enterprise business solutions that transforms the way brands deliver customer experiences. Unlike traditional CX that focuses only on the contact center, CXi addresses the needs of your consumers, your employees, and your business. Read on to find out how CXi is helping businesses radically improve experiences to drive business growth.

Reach full potential

Read Customer Experience Interactions (CXi) For Dummies, NICE Special Edition, the new guide that offers practical and easy-to-implement solutions for incorporating CXi into your CX strategy.

Customer Experience Interactions (CXi)
What is CXi?

Customers want to engage with your brand but are you making it easy for them? Today’s reality calls for something different. CXi is your game-changer.

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Seize the CXi opportunity
Take a holistic approach to CX and improve every journey by optimizing interactions between your customers, your employees, and your business.
Exceed expectations across the full journey

Deliver personalized, contextual, and frictionless interactions for every customer journey.

Empower agents to deliver better CX

Optimize employee and agent effectiveness—all while increasing operational efficiency.

Overcome the CX disconnect

Provide intelligent self-service resolution with conversational AI that feels effortless, friendly, and human.

Dig deeper into how CX is evolving
The ultimate treasure chest for CXi excellence
Transform self-service with conversational AI
In this exclusive new report, Opus Research analysts share their perspectives on CXi:
Transform self-service with conversational AI
Ensure CX Fluency
Customer experience (CX) programs across all industries are more sophisticated than ever before. Aberdeen research reveals how companies that stay ahead of the curve and satisfy customers at every step are building long-lasting and fruitful relationships.
Ensure CX Fluency
Satisfaction. Retention. Lifetime value
Satisfaction. Retention. Lifetime value.
There is a proven return for companies that consistently invest in delivering superior customer experience. Investing in CXi management improves customer satisfaction and retention, and you can drive increased revenue by reaching more consumers and boosting customer lifetime value.

Find out how to make YOUR customer experience interactions connected, intelligent, and complete.
White Papers

Smart Self-Service: Use Data & AI for Superb Customer Experiences (Aberdeen)

One of the most common reasons why traditional self-service programs fail is because they aren’t designed to enable customers to easily address relevant issues.

White Papers

Digital-First Customer Experience Report

Customers want more support options, smarter self-service, and the opportunity to handle complex tasks on their own.


Utilize the power of AI

Revolutionize your CX with AI to build brand loyalty and seamless communication.