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2022 Digital-First Customer Experience Report


Customers are clear about what they want: More support options, smarter self-service, and the opportunity to handle complex tasks on their own. And businesses have put many such tools in place, but there remains a major gap between customer expectations and how companies are perceiving them.

No business leader welcomes negative experiences, but our study finds that many companies are not acknowledging the reality of customer expectations. According to businesses, for example, 53% of their customers are very satisfied with their current offerings—a number that plummets to 15% when we asked consumers. This leaves a sizeable divide between business perception and customer reality.

Consumers are also clear that they will abandon a business after just one or two negative experiences—leaving companies a very small margin for error. So to help businesses gauge how they can be proactive in their digital-first CX, we asked consumers what improvements they’d like to see.

Improvements in self-service include:

  • The ability to handle more complex tasks on their own
  • Better mobile app support
  • Personalization

Improvements in interactions with agents include:

  • Shorter wait times
  • Not having to repeat information
  • Quicker resolution

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At the same time, contact centers are challenged to find and retain the qualified agents needed to maintain assisted service, making the ability to offer self-service more important than ever before.