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Smart Self-Service: Use Data & AI for Superb Customer Experiences (Aberdeen)


One of the most common reasons why traditional self-service programs fail is because they aren’t designed to enable customers to easily address relevant issues. That’s why savvy companies are now delivering faster resolutions by using smarter self-service backed by the power of AI and analytics. Smart self-service provides customers an avenue for seamless assistance, increasing the ease of finding accurate information while reducing customer frustration.

This exclusive Aberdeen report highlights the role of analytics and AI capabilities in helping customer service leaders transform self-service activities to be truly data-driven and adaptive in helping customers help themselves. Aberdeen’s findings are proving that a well-run smart self-service option reduces costs, boosts customer happiness, and drives up revenue.

In fact, businesses that implement smart self-service enjoy:

  • 39% greater year-over-year increase in customer satisfaction rates
  • Decreasing service costs 2X YoY
  • A 2.5X greater YoY increase in self-service containment
  • A 2.2X increase YoY in annual company revenue

Increase customer satisfaction with a smart self-service program.

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